CrossfireX Update! Did it Fix the Game?

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CrossfireX update, did it fix the game? In this video we are taking a look at the latest CrossfireX update that was planned to fix the aiming settings, the boogieman ability and the CAR-4 aim down sights (ADS) issue and seeing if the update did fix the problems. Let me know your thoughts about CrossfireX in the comments below 😀

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  1. despite all the hate crossfire x is getting, i must be in the majority. i like this game, my only complaint is there is not enough maps for the modes. on crossfire on pc, there is a large number of maps for all the modes. hopefully in time, this game can stand on its own against csgo and cod. the fact its free to play helps at least. why its exclusive to xbox i dont understand. the game should have been multiplatform with crossplay. the multiplayer at least could easily run on switch as well.

  2. This is game of the year baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah this is

    The only game I've bought in the last 20 years.

    Edit if I knew anyone would have responded I would have not said this dumb shit.

  3. thanks for bringing more light to what the devs should have done for a long time ago, i just hope that in the next update they will add mod support/workshop/custom game so we can get more of that Counter Strike feeling:)

  4. The fact I can aim may actually pull me back, It did show a little promise, May pick it back up, Never normally trust opinions of YouTubers but you seem to know what you're talking about 👌🏻💯

  5. This console version of Counter Strike is funny. The character movements and aiming is like you gave CoD players a real gun and said go into that map and blast some mofos.

  6. new definition of "day and date" on gamepass, pay $15 a month, get half a campaign, pay for the other half. crossfire x starting a trend?

  7. I noticed when i try to move my aim left and right it feels hard. Like its not smooth at all, does anyone else have this and how to fix this? My sensitivity is not low.. and aim assist on standard.

  8. when a F2P game releases a hotfix that you can actually feel the difference in a couple of days vs. BF2042's vague hotfix that fixes nothing. I'm salty coz i don't own an xbox. Dont mind me lol!

  9. I will give it this at least there trying to fix the game. I personally have enjoyed the game and want to see it live I know it won’t have a huge community but it will have a small loyal community like rogue company

  10. Cyberpunk update fixed alot, Crossfire update fixed alot…then theres Vanguard update…womp womp wooooooomp.

  11. I downloaded the update gotta say the controls and input fix feels smooth and now I can enjoy the game but hopefully they do more stuff in the march update

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