CrossfireX Single-Player Campaign Review

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CrossfireX single-player campaign reviewed by Travis Northup on Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One.

CrossfireX’s pair of campaigns are untidy, generic slogs with all the excitement and flavor of a communion wafer. Alarmingly little of Remedy’s signature weirdness and creativity is displayed, leaving me to wonder why this usually distinctively strange studio was chosen for such a by-the-numbers project at all. There were some interesting ideas along the way where the story is concerned and I fleetingly thought we might get an eccentric tale the likes of Control or Alan Wake, but those hopes were quickly dashed when both campaigns ended without even a cursory twist. Whether it’s the bland characters, braindead enemy AI, forgettable levels, or downright offensive controls for the gunplay, everything about these brief campaigns feels phoned in.

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  1. IGN: Crossfire: 3/10

    Also IGN: Next Call of Duty pump and dump: 9/10

    Not saying this game doesn’t deserve it, but it’s just really hypocritical to give something like this such a low score when all the yearly releases that never change continue to score a 8 or 9/10

  2. Chocolate tea kettle? Wtf 😂 the expression is chocolate teapot, the narration is almost as bad as the game 😂

  3. Let's be real, this is the level of quality and polish one should expect from XBOX, it's gamepass fodder, in the real world quality comes with a price

  4. Yes but to be fair most single player games are short these days like cod it all about m.p now which is a shame because s.p is just as important as the m.p but when you guys at ign you never say about how short the campaign mode is in cod game because it is the most thing that player complain about.

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