CrossfireX Is The WORST GAME Of 2022… | Review

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Alright, so for those watching Xbox closely, you will know that this game received very little marketing. Now, it’s quite clear why this was the case. Simply put, CrossfireX is a disaster.
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  1. Bf2042 is the worst. Published by one of the biggest video game publishers ever and a once great studio. Great over a decade mind you. But still crossfire pretty bad

  2. have you never played the previous Crossfire game? Crossfire is not about a shit story. And all the maps and modes already exist for over 15 years in the old crossfire game, they are no copy pasta from cod or some shit. And I have to say this, god your aim sucked ass.. you coudn't even throw a nade straight and you wanted the AI's in the story to move and hide? It's right on your level my guy.

  3. Yall must e never played the original crossfire this capture the feel of it perfectly its great value csgo and you better belive it was pay to win baby

  4. Nano/infecteds a classic tho from multiple different games. Also not a port pc crossfire hd/classic are different games to these. Seems like they quit developing these and started pushing even more updates on the hd version :/ isnt remedy making a campaing for that hd version as well? Lets hope its better than these and both team just focused theyre efforts on that instead.

  5. It's not unity Engine that's what U call low par graphics there definitely using northlight Engine and some of the locations in the game looks like quantum break and Control areas to a tee

  6. You do know remedy are masters of confusing it's players there's reasons why remedy does things it's just not revealed until another remedy game Remedy did it max Payne through to Control you know the history now but you didn't back when those old remedy titles released so cross fire x is another confusing line between what you think U see and what Remedy allows U to see everything you complain about could be a reason behind it maybe this was the story of a.i just before it was upgraded maybe monarch or FBC are investigating the tech company behind the company's in cross fire x maybe there not men in those suits maybe there the first generation of a.i and that's why these soldiers ain't shooting back you need to talk to Sam lake ask him about the flaws you see in this game because there could be a valid reason why things are to he way it is remedy isn't trying to copy anyone else they already prove that with there remedy Verse that just opened everyone eyes many many years later if control never revealed it and Sam lake validated it we would know jackless so give it a time to seep in Mr reviewer guy your judging a book by it's cover and not the real reasons why it is what it is surely remedy has a answer to everything wrong with this game but are you truely willing to understand what they say from there own lips idk

  7. I think the game shit but gp is the ingame currency that u can get in matches but cfp is the paid currency and u can also buy gp so its pay to win

  8. Lets not forget Remedy gave us the original Max Payne games.. those are some of the best 3rd person shooters ever made.. this game looks terrible and I have no desire to play it whatsoever

  9. new definition of "day and date" on gamepass, pay $15 a month, get half a campaign, pay for the other half. crossfire x starting a trend?

  10. Whic campaign did you played? That one you talk about is very different from the one I am playing in Game Pass wtf

  11. It's like you just learned the term "Ludonarrative dissonance" this last year and are using it as often as possible with your videos.

  12. Here's the thing about Crossfire X.. I got several adds for the game and never once got a single clue what the game was like or about. It's almost like they didn't want you to know what you were getting into. Like even Hi-Rez's Rogue Company feels better to play and Hi-Rez just makes buggy messes.

  13. youre wrong about the gp and guns. You earn gp from matches and missions, and all the guns are gp, but you can buy gp

  14. To be honest i was having fun with multiplayer just to get the achievements and that's it single player didn't need to play it so what I'm saying is if you want easy cheevos play it that's it loon

  15. I play crossfire on pc, and all I can say is how in the fuck could they mess up this bad? none of the original mechanics aside from the bullet spread and maybe the movement. but there in fact wasnt buying in the original but there was atleast actual progression. This fucking blows because I was actually looking forward to this game until now… Love the vid by the way!

  16. I loved when they talked about how crossfire had like 600 million players and everyone collectively said "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE", anyways fun review.

  17. Fuck that bro. I liked quantum break too! It was fire! Only thing I really disliked was the, essentially, live action cutscenes. Don't get me wrong, the cutscenes were good. I just wish they would've made them in engine. They spent all that time making that beautiful engine just to shove live action, immersion breaking, cutscenes in it. Again, I liked the game fine. I hope we get another one. Obviously what happens in quantum break is an AWE. How does it connect to control in the grand scheme!? Man! Good stuff.

  18. The campaign is mediocre/average at best. All while very short. And the multiplayer is complete AIDS. Team characters are not well balanced, and berserkers are AIDS.

  19. Honestly the Classic Search & Destroy game mode is really fun. The major let down of the game is that it's stuck to one map per game mode. The balancing issues suck, and the microtransactions are pretty bad, but the game is enjoyable in the right mode and with friends. It just needs a lot of love from the devs to make it worth playing in the future.

  20. The game absolutely reeks of the campaign being tacked on to get people to play their micro transaction multiplayer trash

  21. Why do kids think games have to be so perfect these days. It's fun to play.. and we don't have another shooter like this on Xbox. So I think people could care less about your input. Go back to your perfect playing fortnite and PC.

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