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  1. weird shooting and controls, uninspired lightweight mp content riddled with bugs and glitches

    with a surprise okay little campaign.

  2. new definition of "day and date" on gamepass, pay $15 a month, get half a campaign, pay for the other half. crossfire x starting a trend?

  3. everyone,,is like cs '' well good in a world where every game is like a fortnite…..better real games than shit things

  4. I remember playing cross fire 10 years ago I think, they have this fun hide and seek zombie multiplayer mode.

  5. That's why you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play it instead of spending 60 bucks on the game to see if you want it or not

  6. So this guy wants you to go play more call of doody and battlefarce. Go play more of the same CSGO or medal of honor, don't support remedy as a studio. Why am I sub'd to this scrub?

  7. your review isn't a review your jus shitting on it, your indirectly saying hey dont play this when there are other games like CoD etc.
    bruh like think of it as a kickstarter, dont sit here and shit on the game. I see so much potential and I've been telling all my buddys to download it, we should fund these guys to see how better this game could get

    please dont take this as a dig from me to you, just me telling you you've either chosen the wrong words or your heavily opinionized

  8. Trust me when I say this gamers, this game SUCKS. Played it on Xbox Series X on Gamepass and immediately uninstalled after 15 minutes

  9. This game is criminally underrated easy asf game to play fun to the cosmetics are expensive asf downside is that you have to pay for the campaign but the multiplayer is free on gamepass on xbox series x and one so its definitely worth playing dont know about ps4 or pc

  10. I'm guessing my Xbox restarting everytime we finish a warzone match is better than this? I'm having more fun on Splitgate currently because I don't have to log in every 15 minutes. I reckon the constant restarting is also not great for my Xbox, come on Microsoft let's make Activision great again😀😀

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