Coral Island NEWS!: Lab Technology, Combat Overhaul, Rings & More!!!

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Today we are going to take a look at Part 2 of what we can expect for the upcoming Summer Content Update – releasing in May of 2023! Let me know which exciting update is your favourite! I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! Much love.

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00:00 Introduction
00:326 Ranch Animals
01:19 Combat Beta
02:30 Scents
03:05 Rings
03:33 Fish Pond & Insect House
04:24 Sprinkler Attachments
05:43 Lab Technology
07:35 Errands
08:06 Other Updates
08:50 What’s Next?
09:39 Final Thoughts & Thanks!

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  1. Yessss, no longer will my animals be forgotten about!
    Also omg, the clothing sets! I love it!

  2. hey Sarah, i really love your Coral Island content, it always makes me wanna play it right away!!
    wanna ask smth, what does the boat at the beginning do? do they sell smth like Ratih or is it just a decoration?

  3. Sorry if this is a random question, but has cooking been implemented in this game yet? Or am I just doing something wrong?

  4. It seems like they're about done with the game are they even close to making an announcement release date?

  5. I thought they were going to allow the players to turn off or on the combat mode if they wanted

  6. for me, the most anticipated update is the auto seeders and fertilizers sprinklers attachments.. oh lord.. for someone who tends to plant every seeds available each season, this is a lifesaver!!!

  7. I like the direction this is taken. When I bought the game it felt like it would take forever for the game to develope into something really playable and that the update was far between. But with time flying by and some pretty huge updates I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Both the summer and spring update has surprised me. And even though I've recognized it as a great game from day one it looks like it will be even better than expected.
    Also love that they are rewarding kickstarters with their own special items!! I'm not a kickstarter, but first time I've heard of anything like this and I think it's a cute extra thank you to the ones that supported them from the beginning.

  8. hey sarah! when you open up the game, it does say the next update is in 7 days. not 100% sure if that's accurate or a place holder, but i did notice that today. great video! i love getting all my updates from your videos :)))

  9. HOW COOL ARE THESE UPDATES! Sorry for screaming but I am sooo excited, each and every one of these is so cool and helpful. I can’t wait to try everything out!

  10. There is so much in this update that will once again change this game. I'm starting over as I don't want to miss anything!!!!

  11. WOW! This game is exceptional! They should win awards in every category possible. I can't believe this is still just updates for Early Access!

  12. The animals!!! Love the Sus chicken weapons although I really don't want to use these unless they are for moves on the dance floor to compete with Miss Sunstone!

  13. I can't wait to play this update! I've just upgraded my barn and coop in preparation for the new animals! I'm in summer year 4 at the moment and trying to stop playing so I can start the update by checking out the NPC's summer outfits

  14. This is the first time I saw a youtuber say 'I'll put part 1 in the description" and actually did it 😂
    I can't wait to see how far the game is developed even by august. It seems like there's going to be so much added. I've been playing my time at sandrock until the update lol

  15. So many great updates! I can't wait for this to be on Switch! I will never be able to put it down.

  16. I honestly love petting my animals, but I somehow always forget to pick up eggs! 😂 I’m excited for auto collection!! 🎉

  17. It finally looks liek you can fertilize AFTER you already throw down the seeds? when I went to do that in the green house before it said I had to put the fertilizer down first THEN the seen but they just showed the seeds were put down first and THEN the fertilizer came after. so maybe now it doesn't matter which one you put first.

  18. Thanks for the update! Wow, there is a ton of QOL coming, l loooove everything 'auto' cause it gives me a choice on how to spend my days.😊 And new animals? Yesss! 😍 One question concerning new animals arriving: how and where can you upgrade the barn and coop? I've town rank C, went to the bottom of all 3 mines and got those spirits freed and their village unlocked, but the carpenter still shows me no option to upgrade the coop or barn. No idea what to do to change that.🤔

  19. I can't wait for this update! I've been waiting for those goats and may even make them their own barn. It might be time to redecorate my farm. Thanks for another great video, Sarah!!

  20. What an exciting time to be a Coral Island player! The new automated technologies, and especially the upcoming sturdy computer, are such cool and unique features that I’m so excited about Thank you for the great video Sarah

  21. Wahhh, So much farm animals so little space! I want them aaaallll 😍 I'm gonna have to rearrange my lay out again! So excited for this update!

  22. I really need to be able to rotate barns lol i don't want to have to sell my cows etc to make room for the new creatures but i also don't want a ton of barns dotted around or in a horizontal line.

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