CONFIRMED: Over 10 Sonic Games Being REMOVED By SEGA. Remasters On The Way? #Delistpocalypse

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So now that Sonic Origins is coming out, SEGA has taken it upon themselves to remove the versions of those games that were originally on the store. But not only that, a bunch of Sonic games are leaving PS Now. Could we be getting re-releases or remasters of these games soon? Or are they just clearing space for the upcoming Sonic Frontiers? Let’s discuss!

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  1. they are scumbags i was gonna buy sonic & knuckles for £3 on the 360 come to realise they removed it so i have to buy there £35 scam collection did they not learn from gta trilogy scumbags how can people support this shit i am NOT buying that collection i rather emulate it than spend nearly £40 just to play sonic and knuckles that 1 game i wanted to play and how could it be confusing one would be on 360 and newer games are on next gen simple

  2. Dude, I was in the middle of playing sonic unleashed and adventure so that’s kinda dumb, hopefully they get remasters

  3. I'm developing Time Rabbits and i not only hope it kicks sonics ass but i'll do everything i can to make sure it does.

  4. I was hoping for Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 remastered because it's been so long for a update and also if Sonic Colors have a remaster why can't Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 can have the same.

  5. I last Saturday I bought sonic 1 , sonic 2 and sonic cd from ps3 store because I was told those games would be removed from ps3 store , will the other sonic games be removed before may 20 as well?

  6. you can circumvent the sonic 3 air copy protection with any downloaded rom lol so good job preventing piracy XD
    but yeah of all games to have it, a classic sonic game? really it's on megadrive, sonic jam, mega collection, classics collection ext. there's no way a sonic fan dedicated enough to find it doesn't have it in some form.

  7. Well damn. If only SEGA had released these games about 500 times before in different compilations for different generations of consoles and PCs. How will anyone be able to enjoy these games now that they are everywhere?

    How, damn you? HOW???

  8. Sonic Adventure Trilogy slated for next year, huh?
    (Sonic Unleashed could be renamed to Adventure 3 LOL)

  9. Remember: same shit (although out of nowhere) happened with the GTA 3d trilogy and we all know how that turned out, right?

  10. If this delist only occurs on digital copies of Sonic then I'm pretty much okay, but if this somehow happens to physical copies too, I'm gonna cry to death

  11. I like that you played the Sonic Boom theme when you started talking about Boom Slingers

  12. There’s more to it. Recently SEGA raised the price of all their classic games by several times on Steam for Latin America. Not just Sonic, all of their series. And by several times I mean that I bought SA2 in the past for the equivalent of literally one dollar, and now the page says it goes for 10 dollars.

  13. Oh PHEW! I was afraid they were removing Sonic the Fighters from PSN. I have it on XBLA but I need to grab the PS3 version sometime. The XBLA/PSN port is the best version of the game as it's not only HD but adds in secret characters not originally in the game like Honey the Cat (she was in the code but never finished), Metal Sonic and Dr.Eggman (playable in VS Mode only) and it also had shockingly good online play. XBLA version works on XBone BTW.

  14. Rockstar games did this with the original GTA trilogy games and that screwed them over to the point where they had to bring them back

  15. Sonic is suffering the same way as Mario
    The day Mario fears is March 31st
    And now Sonic fears May 17th

  16. I think the only 5 Sonic games that should be remastered in the future, so hardcore Sonic fans, including former Sonic Fans are Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders, Sonic 06, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Battle.

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