Claustrophobia First Look Gameplay – PC Steam

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Claustrophobia offers a scary and dark horror experience filled with blood-boiling moments, The game can have different endings, depending on how you play and what decisions you make. Can you figure out what the government is hiding in this grueling facility?

Claustrophobia First Look Gameplay – PC Steam



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  1. Thank you for playing it! I'm the lead developer of Claustrophobia.

    It seems like multiple people got stuck here, by using the keypad you open the door you found the keys at. Perhaps we'll add a prompt to make sure people get that idea.

    The game really is designed for people figure out what they have to do, it's not easy and it can be very confusing. but that's the idea.

    However, Hopefully you'll give it another shot!

    Thank you again!!

  2. Defending Pavlov's House in CoD, and 10mins of Doom 3, were enough for me to realise I'm no soldier, no hero, and I don't like having the Bejeezus scared out
    of me! So, in some ways I'm glad we didn't find out who's rumbly belly was upstairs!! Games sell themselves short with early dead-ends, don't they test this stuff out
    on people?! It looked like you checked everything, with no obvious solution?! At least the shiny reflections were very nice, and you did a good job making it entertaining.

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