Castle Morihisa – Official Reveal Trailer

YouTube video

Watch the trailer for a look at gameplay from Castle Morihisa, the tactical roguelike deck builder game that’s headed to Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on February 10, 2022.

Set in a dark fantasy feudal Japan, in the game, you will trek towards the ominous Castle Morihisa as one of four classes to investigate the mysterious unease spreading across the region.

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  1. I don't feel the complaint about it being a card game. I really love these indie card games. Also who cares if it's like Slay the spire. Do people not know how many boardgames have taken from original concepts. Also I see no complains when people make "souls like games" so why this one?

  2. Man, looking at that awesome artstyle thinking it looks like a beat'em up or something like that, only to find out it's freaking card game, what a waste

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