Castle Morihisa Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Playthrough

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Castle Morihisa gameplay is the Castle Morihisa Walkthrough that contain the Castle Morihisa full game and bosses. This Castle Morihisa Playthrough is on PC in FULL HD 60FPS. Below you will find the Castle Morihisa playlist that has all the Castle Morihisa content. Most of the time including all bosses, cutscenes, puzzles and game walkthrough from Castle Morihisa game.

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  1. You didn't even make a part 2 because you didn't realise that your armour goes away after your current round, so it's useless playing those cards.

    This game is near impossible. I made it to the 2nd boss after a few hours, and they have a 30+ attack after a single round. You can hardly even accumulate enough armour in 1 round to block that.

    And you're expected to make it through the entire game with the health that you originally start off with. At the same time, you battle 3 enemies simultaneously, and they all keep their armour stacks. Theirs doesn't reset. Yours does.

    You have to have the perfect luck, and make the perfect moves, in order to get anywhere.

    The lack of a save-state is also annoying. I like the throwback to old games where you mess up, it's permadeath, but this is ridiculous!

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