Card-Based Cozy Storybook JRPG! – Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

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Obligatory thanks to Square Enix, for giving me this press copy!

The second game in the unique Voice of Cards series, where all elements are presented entirely through the medium of cards, in the tradition of tabletop RPGs and gamebooks.

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  1. it would be nice fi the game gave the option of a "canon name" choice so they wouldn't just call you [insert placeholder name here]

  2. 50:10 I am quite curious what Lac names the ship in French version, since here Lac writes French (probably) according to the explanation and pronunciation.

  3. 50:01 so the spirits speak French also wile that can translate to "good luck" or "good wind" it can also be "good riddance" which I hope the game sticks with

  4. I had the same reaction, I was caught by surprise that the game released. I was not expecting a sequel so quickly but I loved the first game so I had to have a go at this one as well.

  5. I’m surprised Voice of Cards got a sequel (?) so fast.
    I remember hearing that Yoko Taro was less than enthused about how his name was used to market the previous entry. But for this to have dropped so quickly, someone at SE must have had good confidence that the first game would be received well.

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