Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Land Rover DLC – Trailer

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Dear Mechanics, your wishes have been heard! 🔥
Check the new Land Rover DLC for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. 🚗

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  1. I love the truth, I want more dlc, audi ford lamborghini mercedes seat honda toyota etc plis, I really love the game😍

  2. Play way I would love to see a Chevy DLC with the following cars 1970 Chevelle SS 20/20 Corvette c8 1970 K5 Blazer 2019 Chevy Silverado this is just a suggestion I have for a Chevy DLC

  3. I like the DLCS and all but can we see something new besides cars? Heres a list of ideas that would really be game changer

    – Ability to fill gas tanks for and example have a gas can inside the garage and only way to fill it is to go outside to the gas station

    – Option to buy all fluids from store and have a shelf in garage to store it and have a percent bar on it so say filling brake fluid would use 20 percent of 100 so that would allow 5 uses rather then just being able to fill everything with a small fee

    – Tire pressure ability to put air in tires

    – weather system possibly snow , rain etc when outside or at junkyard maybe have some cars have snow on them when in garage

    – radio options for console allow us to use out own music on radio

    – new car parts example radios , speakers , shift knob , seatbelts , dash kits , bodykits , RGB Lights etc

    – This one would be really nice to see especially where theres 2 car lifts have the option to hire someone to help repair car on one of the lifts and the slower he is the less he costs and the faster he is the more he cost

    – another nice feature is being able to auction your cars

    – light switch in garage have a few light systems over the place and be able to turn on and off

    – sell car tab show us our profit after we bought and put new parts in rather then showing a profit of lets say $50,000 when really its only a profit of $20,000

    – have option in store to buy in bulk for and example 1 brake pad cost 10 cents have a option to buy in bulk like buy 10 for 95 cents which would also make the storage system a little bit more useful then we can store all the items we bought in bulk for later

    – options to online / crossplay auctions and trade parts

    – I dont think this changes profit when selling a car but allow some sort of money change when adding fluids , tire alignment and light alignment i dont think any of these changes sell value

    – option to repair parts from job orders most parts i replace is parts to broken to repair it would be nice to sometimes be able to repair them

  4. this last dlc is great!!! we already look forward to the next one, hopefully ferrari or hummer we can enjoy

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