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  1. Can i say something about the system requirements that make no sense the Rx 5700xt destroy's the Gtx 1070 and is newer aswell and the Rx 6700xt kills and is on a diffferent league against the Rtx 2070 and any moron who has ever played Battlefield games that run on Frosbite engine knows Frosbite favors Amd Gpus or did they just randomly pick Gpus as requirements, i think so

  2. I’m not sure why people are so afraid to recommend 32GB of ram in 2023? 16gb of ram was standard in like 2012. It’s been 11 years since then. I consistently play games that will push my ram usage over 20gb (Tarkov, Star Citizen, Cyberpunk). 32GB should be the recommended amount for people building gaming PCs nowadays.

  3. Playing through 2 on my deck. Don’t know if my 2070 super can handle it. I mean it can but it’s depending on how good the port is. I’ll wait to see might end up getting it on ps5. Last time I played the first was with tons of reshade mods which made it look close to this one

  4. These system requirements are pretty useless unless they actually specify the resolution at which they were tested on.

  5. 1070 minimum with 2070 recommended makes zero sense, there's like a 20-30% performance difference between them with no Vram difference. Also I'm glad they at least specify SATA SSD for Min and PCIe for recommended, problem is PCIe just means M.2 not NVME, an M.2 drives aren't really any better than SATA, nor does an NVME give you any benefit over SATA in any use case besides copying files (I say as a user with 2 NVME Gen4's and 3 SATA 3 SSDs, 5900X is the CPU which can effect their performance). The game also looks worse than Doom 2016 and they're making it next-gen only. If I were still a console user, I'd be really pissed of that there's been like 2 actual next gen games for the PS5, Rift Apart and Forbidden West, Horizon was still on the PS4 but was nerfed real hard, everything else is just looks like it was made on a PS4 then had it's visuals turned from High to Ultra, which PC users would know, does jack shit in most games.

  6. My PC is ready, but I think I'm gonna wait at least a year after its release to buy it tho because I replayed the original not too long ago. It really does hold up today, especially at 120+ fps, so I'm not in any rush to play the remake.
    I noticed that it only uses DirectX 12. Hopefully this doesn't mean the PC port will be plagued with stutters due to shader compilation like The Callisto Protocol.

  7. OMFG if I have to listen to this guy yammer on and on about 16GB of ram and 32GB of ram and 8GB of ram saying the exaaaaaaaact same thing over and over and over and over one more time I might just go insane… like literally spending a minute+ on it every time too

  8. I recently brought dead space 1 2 3 on pc the game looks amazing on my 3060ti but ill buy it on ps5 then when it's cheaper on pc ill buy the remake

  9. I'm hoping for DLSS and FidelityFX 2.0 support. I have a beefy PC but if this could also run on the Steam Deck that would be the cherry on top W, taking this game on the go.

    Edit: nevermind. rip ram requirements

  10. I would be very cautious about Forespoken. The demo showed a very bland and empty world with super cringe dialogue that borders on anger-inducing. I played it but had to stop after an hour or two mostly because of those 2 reasons. It was a chore to play.

  11. Did they just do not optimization for AMD gpus? RX 5700 is quite a bit stronger than the GTX 1070 and the RX 6700 XT kicks the teeth in of the RTX 2070.

  12. i have yet to meet a pc game that i cant run well and enjoy. specs – i5 4460, 16gb ddr3 ram, radeon rx460 4gb gddr5, asrock h97m pro 4 mobo, hell i dont even have a ssd, 1tb internal wd hdd and a 2tb external wd easystore. game requirements are silly and have been a joke for long as i can remember, just trying to get people to buy more products, i bet they get paid for what they put on there. i'll run this game fine also when it comes out. recent games i have played – elden ring, death stranding, evil west, gta v, division 2, fo76, i could go on but the point is they look great and run smooth, dont believe the jibberish they slap on there.

  13. 16GB of RAM is nothing.
    My home built, 10 year old PC has 16GB of RAM.
    That being said… it's finally time to build myself another computer. My overclocked i7-3770k is no longer enough.
    Edit: Typo Correction

  14. Hey does this game have Ray tracing, and also are the recommended requirements for 1080p or 1440p. I have a ryzen 5 5600x with an rtx 3070 at 16gb of ram.

  15. Only 2 games I'm waiting on for this year is Robocop and STALKER 2. I already know Robocop is going to get delayed and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they delay STALKER 2 as well, AGAIN.

  16. How can it be a 1070 needed but then a 5700 xt? The 5600 xt beats the 1070 just about hands down in almost everything. Is it the 8 gb vram?

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