[Brutal Difficulty] War, Endless Battles and a Higher Tier of Magic – Age of Wonders 4 – Ep2

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Age of Wonders 4 is a new magic based 4x game that has some elements of civilization as well as Master of Magic.


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  1. Admittedly I don't have a clue about most of what is going on here, but the combat reminds me a little of Gloomhaven (on PC, and with Civ-esque armies instead of single players), which is actually a pretty big draw for a 4X game. It makes you ponder a bit on how linear and shallow the Civ combat has always been.

    Not sure if this came up but will this game support multiplayer?

  2. i bought the game after watching this episode 2 here. i'm poor but it spent the $100 on steam. as a huge fan of HOMM3, thank you for showing me this. sorry i didn't use the promo code. i just saw it. maybe i'll message steam.

  3. oh… oh I just had a wonderful, terrible idea. I did my first campaign as basically pure light and later on (I think T4) gets a world spell that raises the rank of everything in an army by 1 and I was casting it 2-3 times per turn as a champion by the end of the game. If I had a wizard king and specced more into world casting points I would be casting it about the same amount probably and get research for every ranked up unit with that mystic empire upgrade, pretty lategame and you need a ton of tech already to do it but that's hilarious.

    edit: yeah I double checked, it just says when a unit gains a rank and not when you rank up from battle, oh my.

  4. "Imperium is probably the most limited currency in the entire game…"
    I am guessing you don't play much with Necromancy 🙂 Souls are horrible to get, until late mid-game anyway.

  5. This game is awesome. I got 40 hours in it already, get it! (Never played age of wonders 1-3 you don't need to).

  6. Aww i think you might have messed up. i think if you added her to the recruitment pool you could have gotten all that gear off her

  7. Well done, I just spent money on a game for the first time all year X-D

    No, seriously, I hope you keep up with the AoW4 content – it seems to have a similar audience to Civ6, and it's just nice to watch you play a game you're so evidently having fun in.

    (And yes, this is mostly an inane comment so the algorithm knows it's a good video and suggests it more lol)

  8. This game is so much fun, I love that you have such a variety of units and play styles, thanks for introducing us to it with these videos dude 😊

  9. I am enjoying this new game and series, but I am having a hard time keeping up with your fast-paced tempo.

    I also thinking cutting the battles or cutting the extra clicks confuses me, as I am trying to figure out how did you get to that certain page, but it just instantly appears due to your editing. Maybe something to take note of – I am still enjoying it, but it is a lot for me to digest in that quick pace you are at.

  10. This Age of Wonders series is the first I'm watching of your channel and of any 4X content, (unless you count Warhammer?) and I'm really really enjoying it.

  11. I can only assume this makes sense to players of AoW 1-3, because it sounds like MadLibs to me, or maybe a game invented by AI: not quite gibberish, but…

    Potato can go ten minutes at a time without repeating a single stat, just a stream of statements like, "I definitely want to get the Throne of Kendar, because that grants a 5% bonus to all frost, and my stability is high enough now that stone towers can be upgraded to crystal, which is great. I really need that crystal upgrade to reduce internal dissent by a straight 2 points per star mushroom production per turn, since my Nuffle population is demanding a second mana transmogrifier, which I need to satisfy in order to take full advantage of that 10-health slinger bonus when traveling on a north-south axis. That is absolutely huge, because I'm beginning to explore the Undercaves, which are a good source of thaumium if you have enough kobolds to use it. Now, you can already see how the mountains here are cutting into my elemental efficiency, which is why I'm going to give an elf stone to Morgatha, which frees up his holy lance, which is good, because I now can consume that for a ten-turn boost on coconuts of Quendor production in all hexes next to my capitol." Not his fault inasmuch as I expect it must make sense to someone. Just utterly impenetrable to the rest of us, a game built of accumulated special cases.

  12. Yes please do more AOW4 I'm laid up from extensive knee surgery (Im only 30 no less) and you're AOW vids are keeping me entertained through this recovery.
    I can't wait to be able to get my hands on this game myself.
    In the meantime thanks for your content!

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