Breakout Recharged Review: A Classic Returns and is a HIT

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Breakout Recharged is the newest offering from Atari in the Recharged series. It has been made for modern platforms and includes several new gameplay elements, features, as well an original soundtrack from Megan McDuffee. Available 2/10/22 for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Epic Store, and Atari VCS for $9.99
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  1. hi, i just got this game on my mac m1. when i launch it, it opens a black screen for a couple seconds, then crashes. do you by chance know why?

  2. Hey John, I know you reviewed the bluetooth Atari VCS Classic controller. Have you tried connecting it to the switch to provide potentiometer/spinner/paddle control?

  3. Without a precision knob, there is absolutely no way to get the accuracy needed. For example in this vid the stick is being jerked and nudged. Total fail.

  4. A few recharges I want.

    Tempus Recharged
    Warlord Recharged
    Gauntlet Recharged
    I would want Rolling Thunder Recharge but that is actually a Namco game.
    Battlezone Recharged
    Centerpeed Recharged
    Cloak & Dagger Recharged

  5. How is the control without a spinner ? And have you tried the spinner on the classic VCS controller ? For some reason , If these recharged games kept coming I will eventually get a VCS if the controllers are good .

  6. John, how does this control? I've always missed the precision that the 2600 paddle controller allowed for games of this type and usually wind up frustrated by using a D-pad or stick.

  7. Atari should recruit Jeff Minter to recreate more of the ‘recharged’ versions of their classics. He is the king of reborn classics.

  8. Would love to see a flat shaded remake of Hard drivin’ those old Atari 3D games were kind fun, just those graphics were too much for the time and things floated a bit too much.

    Tighten them up, a bit and add some neon 2020 effects to spice things up, and release it.

  9. Looks good. I want recharged versions of breakout and asteroids. They're my 2 favorite Atari games. I'll wait for a sale though.

  10. John, we can always know you are smiling as you talk and it makes us feel a huge sympathy for you. You really seem to be a nice guy.

  11. Anybody knows if you can play with the Atari classic controller on consoles other than VCS? this one and the others Recharged games.

  12. I agree, Warlords & Yars' Revenge: Recharged would be great. I'd really also love to see Combat: Recharged – that would be some really fun co-op!

  13. Please do a video of this on the VCS if you decide to buy it. I am interested in hearing how the controllers work on Breakout Recharged.

  14. getting this day 1 on steam loved ricochet games and magic ball games as a kid havent never played breakout because how old it is but this game gives me the chance to finally play it😀

  15. i was born in 75, and Breakout is one of my earliest memories of home video games. My uncle had a 2600 (OG VCS at the time), heavy sixer with a small pile of games. We were left with my older cousin as a babysitter and spent pretty much an entire day playing. Great early memories! I'll definitely check out the recharged version!

  16. i wonder if this particular game would not be suitable for playing with that touchpad on the controller …. not sure though

  17. Did Jeff Minter work on this?
    – the Pink Floyd references
    – the score font
    – the homing missiles behaviour

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