Brand new Blood Bowl 3 beta featuring the Dwarves! – Wheels plays Blood Bowl 3 live

YouTube video

Warhammer’s beloved fantasy football series Blood Bowl has some stunning adaptions on PC already, but the brand new Blood Bowl 3 is looking to revitalise the football themed murder party this year and Wheels has gotten access to a closed beta! Join Wheels as he checks out the game for the first time and also plays as the new Dwarf faction just released in this new build.

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  1. I haven't played BB in a while, but iirc Deathrollers are technically illegal and always get sent off after a turnover. It's usually better not to have them if you're fielding a minimum team. If you can get more players than the minimum you can keep it in reserve and swap it in after a couple turnovers to wreak havoc on your opponent's team in the second half.

  2. Most dwarfs have block automatically so both downs don't affect them mate I think the runner is the only one that doesn't have it to start with

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