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  1. When we transitioned from BB1 to BB2, I don't recall ever saying "hopefully we get used to this. . ." because everything was more efficient. This isn't the same experience, so far.

  2. Liking the visuals but agreed that the icons are a little difficult to make out. Could just be used to the old ones as mentioned.

  3. Alot of interaction changes here, showing that some of the feedback has been listened to. Its still feels a big visual mess.
    The auto pathing bug I spotted where the computer set up a pathway whilst you're selecting an action is going to cause some issues for people.
    The delay on the dice to what's happening on screen is concerning. I'd hoped they'd fixed that. The positioning of the dice adds to the confusion of what's going on.
    It's going to be interesting hoe someone with limited dexterity handles this. That is if Nacon actually sends a key this time. Nacton handles keys, cyanide handles programming.

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