Blood Bowl 3 – Closed Beta Week happening right now!

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We have a full week of Closed Beta 2, I’ll be live on Wednesday and maybe more, depending on how smooth the beta is this time. Early indications are: better than last time 😀

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I try and stream Blood Bowl every Friday at 8PM CET, so why not swing by the stream if you’re around. To keep track of my other less regular streams your best bet is to follow me on twitter or joining the Steam Community as I post there whenever a stream is about to start.

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  1. There are some very simple things they could do to improve the AI in single player, even though it will never be great. The AI in BB2 often has them setting up for fouling around a downed player, but it never fouls. The AI never moves after blocking on a blitz (it should). There are some others. The AI doesn't need to be brilliant to be improved.

  2. This beta is very worrying, while they did fix some things (eyes don't always burn looking at the pitch, at least so long as you drop the brightness), but my biggest issues weren't touched. The UI is still terrible and the menus look awful (seriously the team roster hurts to look at). They really need an overhaul, but I doubt that will happen. Hopefully we can at least get the options to have a more PC oriented interface, like no Dice wheel, don't show D6 results above heads (don't want TD animation with dice halos due to GFIs), etc…
    I really want this game to be good, but the devs saying "you'll get used to it, you're just used to BB2" is very concerning.

  3. Still love the fact that "Bastard" was part as a default name which is all fine and dandy. But if one would change the name slightly the game would have an issue. I get why, but still. It is kind of funny that you could have that as a default name in the first place.

    I'd love to see pro elves and yellow/blue as colours.

  4. I'm excited about the name change. I can't tell you how often I wanted to give a particular player a nickname (e.g. 'Goblin Smasher', 'trippy', etc.)

  5. Like everyone is saying, the game looks horrible
    But they are likely getting preassured by GW to make it look like that so it probably can't be fixed
    GW wants it to be the worst design possible like all their other resent products

  6. This is the first gameplay I'm seeing, and I've got to echo what I've been hearing. The gameplay looks bad. A lot of things are just off visually (rings under the players, tackle zones, and selecting which space to push to on block especially.) The wheel of selecting dice is a terrible idea, the bigger dice where you simply click the one you want to select was one of the good parts of Blood Bowl 2, no need to change. I like the idea of further customization a lot, hope that gets expanded on, but it won't be worth anything if they don't get back to sensible gameplay choices. The menus need a lot of work as well, selecting colors would do well with being grouped by color rather than arbitrary numbers. The game auto-generating names that it censors from players typing in is also unacceptable. Either allow the word or don't. Gonna unfortunately be passing on this unless they can turn it around.

  7. I tried the new closed beta. It's crushed my soul. The lag is TERRIBLE, the interface is HORRIBLE , there's no rolling dices for blocks(!!!) and for some reason I can use only one team-reroll.

  8. i don't like the "∞" symbol on things such as team logo, dice, etc. because of the implication of it sounds bad

  9. those tackle zones still look ugly as f*ck
    selected player indicator looks horrendous
    why the f*ck improve things that don't need improving from BB2??

  10. Rolling UI covers important information, making it feel cluttered. What this game needs is dice bouncing off players like a tabletop simulator style.

  11. What I liked the most is that you will be able to design your team based on concrete Citadel colours if you want to paint your own colour scheme. 🙂 I've only played with the first edition. Is there anything similar in BB2?

  12. In game UI is really going to be a hurdle to relearn, but if i can, I'm very excited to try out the new blood bowl 2020 rules

  13. I still think the UI looks too clean.
    So much pure white, black and nicely saturated primary colors, it looks like Fifa, a clean, violence free sports game.

    And as few hours as I have sunk into Bloodbowl myself, I cant shake the impression that that does not fit right.

  14. It looks better than last time in the small ways that were mentioned, as well as having a liiittle bit of physical dice being rolled is close to good. But, still looks and feels unpleasant.

  15. Saw this and went to twitch.
    Saw the dirt pitch with and couldn't see what was going on. Went to the next and it was visible but still so busy and hard on the eyes.

    I lasted three turns and now am finding something else as my head hurts. Games f***ed

  16. The attributes changing from smth like AG 3 to AG 4+ are gonna take a while to get used to. It makes sense long term though.

  17. Grammar error in the Dwarf team description, ugly UI, weird music, ugly models, coach name misspelled… How far is this from coming out? Not yay.

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