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So we are on day 2 of the closed beta and I finally had the chance to play a game against another human opponent.

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I try and stream Blood Bowl every Friday at 8PM CET, so why not swing by the stream if you’re around. To keep track of my other less regular streams your best bet is to follow me on twitter or joining the Steam Community as I post there whenever a stream is about to start.

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  1. Will they be making new commentary for this game? The commentary they have in now is same as BB2. I get that its a closed beta, so maybe the commentary for BB3 has yet to be made?

  2. I definitely agree that the UI needs work. The colour scheme seems to be based on the rule book, which is an understandable choice, but in UI terms, it's an awful combination of colours. People complain it looks busy, it's definitely hard on the eyes with so much red to stare at. I love the bar at the top which looks clean and gives you exactly what you need. I love the rolling dice but the skills need to stay on the player card and work like they did in BB2. The circular selector is utter tripe. It's confusing and hard to work with. The game definitely shows more potential but those wanting the BB2 engine with updated rules would be moaning about 'nothing new' in BB3. Yes, BB2 looks polished but, after 6.5 years of fixes and refinements, I'd expect it to positively glow! I'd say that's early beta rather than late beta but it does seem to be moving forward. I anticipate a September release after another beta round in May/June.

  3. I was playing a friendly match against AI and got kicked out of the game because game lost connection to the server. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  4. That looks quite rough to be honest. Clearly pretty far from release at this point. Your feedback was very good. I wouldn't mind if they took a page out of EA's book, and do what they do with the sports game franchies. Keep the game engine from BB2 (make small refinements, but there's no need to re-design the interface), add the new ruleset and new 3d models.

  5. Thank you sir the first person to say the wheell is not needed on consiles as a console player myself im tierd of eveyone saying its designed fir consoles subscribed on the spot right there

  6. Im happy if the turns are shorter or at least that the opponent doesn't have that extra 15 seconds for every decision

  7. It's hard to see the characters on the blocking dice. I wish they were as large and discernable as the six sided die.

    And yeah, it's just … I don't know, hard on the eyes. Hard to keep track of everything.

  8. The camera movement during block animations are really nauseating. The UI still needs a lot of work. The game clearly lacks the polish that BB2 has, even in animations. Still a long way to go on this game.

  9. One thing that i think is contributing to the "cluttered" feeling of the game is the fact that the UI elements are bright while the players feel very muted and almost blend into the pitch. Personally, I see this the most with the tackle zones. They're high opacity, chromatic reds and yellows that almost "blind" me to the players that are standing on top of them

  10. I like the "Turnover", it really makes you feel bad when ypu mess up by shoving the red screen and big letters in your face like that (not sarcastic)

  11. As a viewing experience it is very confusing. I play tabletop BB and know the 2020 rules and teams. I have no idea what is happening on the field. Which player is which and it is hard to see who blocks who. And after you have picked a dice it is then rolled again. There are too many rolls happening. I really hope they improve this

  12. You would think cyanide would be better at making a blood bowl game at this point. The UI is not very clear and easy to understand. I hope they get there shit together and take feedback on board.

  13. I like the animations, but the UI is so overloaded – the dice rolling under the skills on the screen, ALL of the dice being rolled (after the block animation???) rather than the armor and injury rolls just being logged. And I hate the big yellow tackle zone squares.

  14. i really dont like the huge circle with the available actions and that is what's causing most of the issues with situation awareness/ ui clutterness / etc imo. it gets in the way of the dice, of the models, everything….
    just get rid of it, have the options as icons in a straight line above the unit that is doing the actions, problems solved.
    the rerolling of the selected dice confused me every single time 😀

    I also think that an option to have all the tooltips shown in the mouse cursor instead of the bottom right corner will be so much better

    also, minor issue… i like the idea of the blood on the pitch, but they use it on every block, which makes it… too much? if it would happen only on injuries or ko it would have a nicer impact?

    out of sync animations, rolling dice timing, they said they know those issues, so i m assuming those will be fixed =) other than that and the weird 'undo one move right click' which i cant really comment without playing the game it looks nice for a work in progress, but still needs a lot of work

  15. Wow, that was painful to watch. I sincerely hope they don't plan on releasing this any time soon. It's clear that there's a lot of work to be done.

  16. Will they be selling the game piece by piece like they did the last one? Because all the microtransactions really gut the game of having any soul at all. I dont wish to be asked to dip my hand in my pocket each time i use something i have already paid for.

  17. We can complain about the UI looking like a cheap mobile game, that is too busy, to distracting, and completely ruins immersion, but clearly the clowns developing this game don't care. The UI is essentially unchanged from last August. so clearly this is what we're gonna be stuck with.

  18. What if the dice rolled on the character cards instead? Or ability selections around there. I feel like there is a lot of useful information there and it is never in the way.

  19. On 50:30, "it's the little things". I think that each event needs a little glue to connect it to the next event. Mostly relevant whenever your opponent is playing.
    Example: you opponent throws a block -> chooses his hit dice -> chooses whether or not to follow -> animation plays -> armor dice roll. Each event happens too quickly after the previous event. It's jarring. If after your opponent throws a block and selects their dice it could just take some small amount time to highlight to the person not taking the turn what dice they selected and where they're pushing you, that would help you have an easier time following the other player's turns. Just a little bit of time between my opponent's decision and the next UI element coming up instantly would be massive I think.

    EDIT: 56:55 ya I think that the abruptness sums it up.

  20. As a viewer, just one thing: I hate the way that the circle menu works for selecting dice and skills. It's massive, it sits in the middle of the screen, and since I don't like it and it feels like a console UI feature it makes me more mad because I feel like PC players are being limited down to console levels.

  21. A major reason that you feel rushed is because the clock keeps counting down during animations. In BB2 it would pause while those played out. It's really noticeable when you run a player a long way, or you get a chain fumble going.

    I'm wondering if that's why tackles etc feel weak. A slower animation feels "meatier", but would take even more time off the clock.

  22. They could have kept BB2 interface and just reskinned the game; people would have been happy.
    Has anybody tried BB1 lately? It’s slow and clunky compared to BB2. BB3 seems closer to BB1.

  23. 14:00 I think those buttons are mainly for console players. Oof, yet another hit to take as a PC player.

    Can you set the skill icons to "not shown unless hovered over"? I feel like that option would make the screen a lot cleaner.

    Not a fan of the UI, I'd prefer something more fantasy like, similar to the one in BB1, just with more polish.

  24. Man, that is waaay rougher than I expected at this stage of development and this being the third game in the series. Clarity and performance especially are just so much worse. I honestly would have preferred just a rules update pastiched onto either of the old games to what this beta looks like so far

  25. Came giving it another chance…

    The FPS STILL looks terrible and unstable… also, i am still hating the HUD/UI… it's just unintuitive, boring, unnecessary and obstructing… same problems from first Beta.

    They are just not selling this game…

  26. I'm also playing the beta. The selection of players feels still laggy. It's also very stressful for the eyes. I can't see any new players going to play this mess.

  27. I am still hopeful for this game. overall the interface and on screen info looks VERY messy especially when showing the die results or follow ups. I hope they clean it up. Also, the injury and stun interactions dont feel like they have the same gravity as they do in BB2. The skills icons are too big and cover the heads of the players on field. The Camera angle is WAY to top down and the camera should be lower. Interface wise it seems like they have taken a significant step backwards. I love bloodbowl but they would have to do a metric ton of cleanup on the game screen to make this a worthwhile pick up.

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