Blood Bowl 3 Beta Updated (New Thoughts and Criticisms)

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My updated thoughts and opinions on the new Blood Bowl 3 beta update
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  1. I REALLY hope this isn’t what the final game looks like. Because if so, I’m literally just going to stick with Blood Bowl 2.

  2. The models look like the models you can buy. And the rules changed. If they had kept everything else from bb2 id have been completely content buying this. That dice wheel needs to be gone.

  3. Is no one going to talk about how he NEVER clicked reroll when he said reroll? Am I crazy? Lol. Don't even know why I noticed

  4. I've been waiting for it for so long. It's disappointing. I don't like the format. Maybe it's going to be like the dawn of war franchise. I enjoyed them all, up until the last one, played it a couple of times and hated it. Its sat there unplaced since. From what I've seen so far, I'm going to feel the same when bb3 hits, unless it continues to change

  5. I really don't agree with a lot of your criticisms, you complain you're being given too little information then complain that the log has too much information, you just pretended the dice wheel thing is confusing even though I instantly understood how the UI works. The Nuffle prayers seem strange but have you looked up how they work in the rules, cause they're in the new edition of the rules maybe they get explained in the tutorial.

  6. Something that confirms the user the confusion is the fact you thought you were re-rolling the dice but in fact you were clicking keep the result… only imagine how many people would be confused by this

  7. man i had to stop watching half way through. This game seems lit but is so complex and messes with my ocd and ADD so hard I cant take it

  8. It feels rushed as if they want people to play more games by taking time to make decisions out of the game. Which seems to be bad in my opinion. I get you want to streamline and make it more appealing to new players.

    But honestly as a bloodbowl tabletop player and bb2 player. This looks confusing, rushed and bad. I hope they make changes

  9. You can turn off camera movement while you cry for ten minutes of the video that the camera moves along with player movement 🙂

  10. For that pass at the end, the camera snaps to two different new angles, then the passing dwarf plays two consecutive different throwing animations during which the ball teleports back to his hand so he can throw it twice. It's insane.

  11. my problem was I played 2 games the first crashed half way through
    the 2nd when I a knockdown on a troll I couldn't click where to push him in addition to this the timer stopped so after waiting a hour it forcing us to quit the game
    overall the game felt clunky so I'm unlikely going to buy it when it comes out

  12. You know what pisses me off the most…

    11:37 The dice over the head are inverted to the dice on the wheel menu!

    The amount of times that'll make people pick the wrong option when they are playing to the clock making fairly swift decisions and something about it just makes my ocd go ballistic.

  13. The log is interesting. The “activation” and “move action” aren’t both necessary. A move action requires “activation” in all scenarios afaik, so no need to have a log saying activation.

  14. I like the log the way it is because I want to learn the tabletop version, and it listing everything out will hep me learn the tabletop

  15. 100% on the over whelming feeling of the UI. It is just like BB2 with stupid stuff floating over the screen. It's cluttered, clumsy and we DON'T need to see so much stuff, but we DO need to see the field and players!

  16. I can't understand – This is the same team, Cyanide, who made Blood Bowl 2. UI of BB2 was finaly OK, so why on earth did they change so much of it for BB3??? This new UI is still bad. They are wasting money and time to redo something which was correct. That's so stupid, game will still be delayed for a year I suppose. Will not buy this one anytime soon.

  17. For reference, in Blood Bowl 3 you must declare an action before moving your player. Previously you were able to move a player, pick up the ball, move again, and then pass. From now on you must declare that you are going to pass the ball, even if you don't yet possess it. This comes into play most commonly on passes but it is important because of skills like Foul Appearance. You must declare your blitz onto a Foul Appearance player before moving your player, which means if you roll a 1 you will not be able to block and you will be stuck in the square in which you activated your blitzing player.

  18. It's like it does look nice, but only BEFORE you play. As soon as the actual game starts, it's unrelenting pain. So. Needs fixing.

  19. Is this the new mobile version?
    They should have fixed the bits that were actually broken not update the graphics for the sake of a new full price game plus dlc lmao

  20. Wow, those dice being behind non-critical UI elements is annoying as hell. Having the player skills displayed makes the UI way too crowded, and it shouldn't. The game itself looks cool, and the character models kind of look like the tabletop figures came to life and I like that.

    And I like that they seem to have finally created cheerleaders of different races.

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