Best Cars In Each Class For Racing In GTA Online (2022)

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Today I show you the best cars for racing in each class in GTA Online.

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Hello GAMERS it is me, HARMNONE. Here to play GTA 5 (not MINECRAFT with DREAM (DREER)) I recently purchased a Nuclear Submarine for Australia under the AUKUS deal (I don’t know what that means but I bought big bunch of them hehe). This caused KIM KARDASHIAN to marry me instead of Kanye West (Donda (Donald)). THE GIBBERISH CONTINUES… POST KIM MARRIAGE I WAS INVITED TO THE MET GALA, WHERE I WAS BIRTHED FROM LIL NAS X with an iPhone 13 in my hand. I RACED VSAUCE MICHAEL HERE IN FORMULA 1 ON FORTNITE (chairs). yej. this video is definitely about Mr Beast, CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD, AND BATTLEFIELD 2042 COMBINED. (wow). Shremwaldo fought Mr beast and won in an illegal dogfighting ring (UEFA champions league). DRAKE and FUTURE released the track WAY 2 SEXY RECENTLY, from the ALBUM CERTIFIED LOVER BOY (CLB) (CBT LOVER) (amen) GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 was RELEASED 8 YEARS AGO. MRBOSSFTW was arrested today for possession of TERRIBLE CONTENT, while TGG (The Gaming Gorilla) was found to have excellent CONTENT. Today GTA 5 has a NEW UPDATE, THE CONTRACT releases TODAY in GTA ONLINE, the NEW DLC features returning characters such as FRANKLIN CLINTON, DR DRE and LAMAR. The Contract DLC features many NEW VEHICLES that are coming to GTA 5 ONLINE (wow) (incredible) such as the ENUS JUBILEE or the ROLLS ROYCE CULLINAN GTA 5 / GTA ONLINE. Today I RANK THE TOP 10 BEST DEFENSIVE VEHICLES IN GTA ONLINE (GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 ONLINE) (GAMER TIME).


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  1. Hey Boys! Apologies, I must’ve cut out the entire part where I went over the Muscle class, the Bravado Buffalo STX from the Contract DLC is the fastest Muscle car in the game now, followed by the Dominator ASP, for the Sedans category, the Lampadati Cinquemila is the fastest car followed closely by the Shafter V12.

  2. I really hate the massive camber wheels on these new tuner cars, do they actually increase the handling that much.

  3. U forgot the Lampadati Viseris which is a sport classic. Faster than the Turismo classic. It's the 4th fastest car in it's class. I won every sport classic race. Can also have Mounted Machine guns. I'd recommend it. It's my favorite classic car👍👍👍👍😉😉👍♥️♥️👍😉

  4. I really love the Enus Paragon R.
    I bought it by mistake in my Auto Shop buisness and havent regretted it for a second. Its very quick off the line, handles amazingly well, looks awesome and sounds great.
    And i cant help but love the D10 Croquette. But I have a thing for Corvettes so it little to do with perfomance lol.

  5. Hey can I ask a question does anyone know if I purchase the Arcadia CEO and switch from my maze Bank CEO will that delete all my vehicles or just transfer them over?

  6. Ok fastest and acceleration are not the same if one car goes 160 and another 150 the 160 is faster even if it’s acceleration is slower

  7. I would pick Novak over toros in SUV class
    Also with tracks which have more offroad segment in sports class I would pick jugular over anything

  8. Suv – novak for me. Toros breaking is one of rhe worse and oversteers too much considering u need to absorb hits from other racers. Novak is much better at breaking, taking hit and not spin out.

    Supersports – krieger. Yes emerus is insane, but until you get inside a krieger and see how much sticky those tyres have to turn a corner. Turns like a dream
    But then yes, kreiger is uglier and emerus is more fun to drive.
    Sports – gto. Rsx and pariah fanboy would argue otherwise about top speed. Same thing pariah oversteers on his own too much and lose grip due to wheelspin when exiting a corner. Cant take contact from other cars.
    Racing in track, not enough straight for parish snd rsx to abuse its top speed,- rscing on streets thr ground is too uneven for rsx and especially pariah.
    So gto would be much more managable.

    Muscle – stx. Very well balanced. Best for roaming around thr map with the new missile jammer. Tho i prefer more classic musclr car looks

    Motorcyle – new bike western reever. Not even an debate. That bike can race a fighter jet ffs. If on a budget. 801 would do better than shotaro but you need to do wheelie for speed boost to be faster than shotaro on straights, turning wise 801 is better.
    Get shotaro if you dont think ur skilled enough, get 801 if you can multi task.
    Get western reever to destroy everything without rocket boost.

    Sports classic – cheetah. No debate

  9. What I hate about the Schafter V12 is, like you said, the handling, it has like no grip at all, back in the days before we got the Cinquemila and Tailgater S, you were basically forced to use it, because if anybody in your lobby uses it and drives it, the will be no chance to win.

    I would kinda like to see how gta racing was when the game was released, it must have been so much more balanced. You could even compete with the Bullet in super car races since spoilers didn't add traction back then and the cars which don't get spoiler upgrades right now are in a massive disadvantage😭😭

    I hope there will be a tool for the creator to create custom classes in e&e…

  10. I just got back on GTA after years, did they fix the calico? I heard if you built it a certain way it’s stupid fast

  11. I used to run the emerus but switched to Krieger as the emerus is way too damn slippery and slides out too much

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