Being a Huge Jerk in WWE 2K22 Story Mode | Let's Play WWE 2K22 My Rise Mode

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WWE 2K22’s story mode sees you lace up the boots of a brand new wrestling recruit, ready to rise to the top of the grappling game. But everyone knows in the cutthroat world of professional wrestling, nice guys finish last. Or at least that’s our excuse for why we’re acting like massive jerks to everyone we come across. Subscribe for more videos!

WWE 2K22 is out now on Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series consoles and PC.

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  1. Andy and Mike Being Jerks should be a series for sure this was amazing. Actual tears during character creation "Oh look it's my Dark Souls Starting Character"

  2. Typical WWE nonsense: no heightening of stakes or climb whatsoever. Fighting HBK and Macho Man in two of your first 3 matches leaves absolutely no room for improvement or interest.

  3. I like how you can appreciate Andy and Mike's genuine love of wrestling every time they just shout a move name

  4. I think it'd be cool if they made a realistic wwe game where they told you from the jump if you win or lose and it's your job to get to that result but make it look realistic doing it

  5. Only WWE game I ever had was 2006 one on the PSP. It was great and every match could change the story depending on whether you won or lost, both outcomes were taken into account, although the story did get longer as I won more often. In this type of game, it's really a must that both outcomes are valid

  6. Another year of "you MUST win this match to progress." How is that a story driven game mode. It annoys me so much that you Have to win and never lose. It makes no sense.

  7. 2022 seems to be the year of the jerk. Great character creation and he has a chin of iron to take the sweet chin music

  8. R-Truth was in the movie "The Wrestler". He did a decent job there. So he on a Oscar nominated movie in the role of a professional wrestle.

  9. Hornston just needs a suitable tag-team partner to complete the package. How about a heel with a pollution gimmick? Hornston and Smog… yeah, I think that works.

  10. This actually looks like alot of fun.
    The last wrestling game I can remember playing was WWF Warzone on PS1 back in the day.
    I might have to give this one a go.

  11. I love these sport story mode videos. I could honestly go for a full play through, maybe "let's play like a jerk"

  12. This time you're going to have to imagine beating 2 of the biggest starts of all time in a handicap match…Ornstein and Smough.

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