BEFORE THE STORM GRAPHICS COMPARISON | Life is Strange Remastered Collection

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Official Cutscene Comparison:
First Official Gameplay:
Sneak Peek: After the Play:
Sneak Peek: Fresh Start:
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  1. Rachel's eyes in the new version are bright green and don't look real I prefer the original and the same for Chloe she looks sleepy when she looks

  2. 0:05 I really don't like the way she looks all through the remaster, her eyes are way too unrealistically bright and she just overall looks less pretty to me…

  3. Yo Creo que era inesesario hacer un remasted ya de por si se veian bien ambos juegos pero aca Hicieron la gran gta trilogy No hicieron mucho cambio parece que le agregaron algo luminacion Desde que jugué life is strange me enamore de la saga pero desde que ví que iban a sacar el remaster se me hizo inesesario de toda manera ya que aún el juego se caracteriza por su animación y más cuando ví el gameplay no note mucha diferencia hasta me atrevería a decir que pudo aver Sido mejor darlo gratis como un DLC o regalarlo a quien compró las versiones deluxe

  4. I like the original vs remaster more. The remaster is brighter and faces were bigger l not sharp as I hoped it would be. I'll play them again to see the remaster version in action.

  5. Mmm yes, the remake compared to the original in terms of graphics remains sucks bib!!!!! But if you don't look closely, then in general the norms.

  6. I think on the left is the version for PS4, on the right is the Demastered version for PC. I prefer the left side.

  7. Rachel's face now looks worse than the original. They did not get this character in the remaster, all the rest turned out well.

  8. why do they look exactly the same tho, like the only differences i see are 2 major ones like joyce and david, and a million minor ones like clean ups and retextured objects and faces. i don't see any motion capturing for this game like they did for the original game remaster, but hopefully I'm wrong.

  9. I think people are being too critical. Yes, it’s not perfect but I think it’s pretty good for the most part. I like Chloe’s hair having waves too it and looking younger. Glad they fixed Rachel’s ugly cry face. Lol. Her eyes are so bright in that scene now. Only complaint I have is Chloe’s clean hands after fixing the truck but I’m sure that will be corrected. Seriously I feel like I can reach out and touch these characters even more.

  10. As for Chloe's face, original looks a WAAAY better. Nose, lips, eyes, facial expression – everything was fine. Remastered version is weird and even ugly sometimes. And that dark stain under Chloe's nose – what they made it for?

  11. Literally the remaster just seems… off. If they wanted to remaster I feel like they probably should have waited for the game's 10th anniversary and instead have done a huge overhaul of the game instead of just tweaking some shadows and lighting effects, making the faces more detailed & lifeless, and calling it a day. I think the original games are going to keep their charm even after the remaster because it looks almost the exact same.

  12. I really like the better textures quality but I have to admit – the new lighting kinda sucks. It doesn't fit the game.

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