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Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will launch on Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2022, for $29.99.

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  1. Gunvolt 1 and 2 are two of my favorite games of all time. Already preordered my copy of this and I’m stoked! The IX games are fine but this looks like the continuation I wanted!

  2. This is an awesome mega manX style game wish cap com would put this much effort in new mega man games

  3. I’d worry about all the in-level narration maybe getting bothersome, but I know I’m going to incessantly replay every level a million times afterwards like I do in every Gunvolt game so I hope it’s just on the first run.

    Otherwise I can’t be more excited. Most anticipated game of the year hands down.

  4. I bought the Japanese collectors edition and the LRG collectors edition. Anything Inticreates and i go over the top. Especially Gunvolt.

  5. Why do I feel like the chatbox is taking too much space in the screen… was it always like that? Feels kinda uncomfortable/distracting to play with that always in the way but other than that, everything feels solid! The voice acting, the gameplay and the music.

  6. To be honest I got a lot of questions, but I sure am glad that Gunvolt 3 is finally coiming out!
    Doggo GV is kinda cute tho.

  7. I bought the Striker Pack on PS4. Great games. But somehow Xbox gets all games next month including the 3rd title before Playstation. Why Inti Creates? Why????!!!

  8. I just pre order this game for my switch oled i can’t wait for July 28th just to play this game this is awesome i already beat 1 and 2 now time for me to beat 3 inti creates they sure know to make good azure game that’s for sure 😃

  9. i honestly don't understand this franchise unlike megaman x there's so much shit happens so damn fast on the screen not to mention characters babbling while the background music playing at max volume i just cant keep up its like just mashing buttons till you win with no effort needed

  10. Hell yes! So much here that I like. The new character looks like she plays super smooth, and Gunvolt's gameplay looks way faster. Single blasts instead of holding the button and waiting for an enemy to get zapped to death? Yes please.

  11. Can't wait for Eden image pulse and hear their English voices I've been waiting for days because If Eden or the seven had their fighter jets would be amazing

  12. I'm hoping for a lot of options/customization right from the get-go. HP limiters, insta-kill spikes and stuff. I don't like having to beat the entire game to get to those points.

  13. Black Badge reminds me of Highvolt from Megaman ZX!!
    Then again, Inti Creates did make the Megaman games!!

  14. The voice acting is really nice. Every entry is an upgrade from the last.

    I hope it is reasonably priced. I’m looking forward to trying it out

  15. While I'm looking forward to this . This demo kinda shows that they put gunvolt on easy mode . It seems like you don't get punished as much in the other games

  16. ive been playing the whole gunvolt series in japanese voices, the english voices are really good but in my opinion they sound a bit cheesy.

  17. Hey quick question is inti still gonna create more gunvolt and laix series after This? if I'm being honest I found this series more enjoyable than anything other game in existence!!

  18. Looks great! Really excited for this return to form for the series! Ix 2 felt like a bit of a step backward, but this is looking to be a solid evolution!

  19. Oh man, I'm definitely gonna play this with Japanese voices. I really wish modern voice actors/directors would stop intentionally pronouncing the R's like L's. I get that Japanese R's sound different, but it just sounds unnatural when you do it in English lol

  20. I'm SO happy iX2 finally brought Gunvolt into the English Dub party. Really, this dub is top notch, just like hte iX2 dub was. Can't wait to plaay this!

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