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  1. I wish it was English dubbed. Oh well, I wish more games gave you the option to mute the JP voices in cutscenes but not in combat. I would prefer that if we can't a dub.

  2. Just got into the Atelier games recently. Awesome additions to my backlog so far, looking forward to finally getting around to playing the Sophie titles!

  3. I sound like a broken record with Atelier games but I can’t help it… I’m so HYPED FOR THIS, it looks amazing. Gust keeps improving and finessing their RPGs so much. The seamless battle looks so smooth and addictive, and I’m glad they went back to fully turn-based so we don’t get fatigued from Ryza 2’s battle system.

    I totally agree with what you said about English dub- it’s such a shame because I really loved Sophie and Plachta’s English VAs and now they don’t get to reprise their roles. Kinda sucks 😩

  4. I wish they would do Mana Khemia 3. The atelier games stories are just always so boring while the alchemy overstays its welcome after like 20 hours. Mana Khemia had the perfect balance of crafting, gathering, fighting and story

  5. I am really looking forward to Atelier Sophie 2. I bought the DX version trilogy on Steam a while ago, and loved to play Sophie, Firis and Lydie & Suelle again on the PC platform with enhanced graphics. I lately dived into Atelier Lulua to keep up the Atelier vibe, and I guess it will bridge the gap to Sophie 2.
    Good preview. It only makes me to want this game even more…

  6. Looks so much more beautiful and appealing that the Raza games. I love my turn based games. Currently playing Atelier Ayesha on the Vita. Will get this on the switch !

  7. Great preview. I love the Atelier series.
    Been playing since Ayesha on ps3 and have platinumed each title (except that Nelke spinoff game). Can't wait to dust off my ps4 to play this in february.

  8. The problem with Sophie is her idle pose, her arms always look like she's carrying invisible bags xd. Now that you know it, you won't stop thinking about it when you play it(?

  9. Turn based again? Sign my up, fam. I know I'm in the minority, but Ryza's combat system just wasn't my cup of tea…

  10. This will be first Atelier game. Looking forward to it, though I'll be balls deep in Elden Ring when it releases, lol

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