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I have new details on Atelier Sophie 2’s seamless battle system, along with other mechanics that’ll feature alongside this! Also, I have a new trailer of the game that has a special surprise at the end! I won’t spoil it though, so make sure you watch that part!

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  1. I've been loving the cast and setting of the original Sophie in my recent playthrough, and I am super excited for this one! Seeing Sophie come back with new combat and all the perks of a modern Atelier game, plus a story that appears much more focused and emotional, it all just looks amazing. 😀

  2. Yeah I woulda been sad if it was like ryza. Let it play like the older battle system. They refined it from shallie for sure.

  3. Will you be doing a full review for this when it releases this week? I played a bit of Atelier Sophie 1 but didn’t get that into it. I wasnt a big fan of the structure of the game, how it made you grind requests and exploration to learn new item recipes instead of a more traditional story

  4. Please do a retrospective Short on Warriors All Stars, Sophie & Platcha is guest characters in it!

  5. Not a huge fan of Ryza's combat system. A large chunk of it makes item usage unimportant unless you play in higher difficulties. In Ryza 2 I used a few items but it was mostly to get points for the core crystal. An rpg focused on material gathering and crafting fails a little when the items you create for battle aren't that important, unless we talk about crafting overpowered equipment, which then makes the game too easy.

  6. The start of this year is hard enough on the wallet without Alex showcasing even more awesome games coming out! Looking forward to the review! 😄

  7. Just when I got the triology pack hahaha my wallet is crying..
    Do you think they will make more of this triology or is it a lulua one only type

  8. Super duper hyped for this. Gust games just keep getting better. Atelier Ryza 2, Blue Reflection 2… Every single “2” (sequel) I’ve played from Gust has been incredible tbh. I’m proud that they’re so ambitious with their games, even though they pump them out so quickly!!

  9. I need to play the first game I've been kinda slacking when it comes to atelier I did recelty play ryza about 3 months ago was planning on getting ryza 2 then I wanna get both sophie one and 2

  10. I have a feeling that the series is already in game discovery stage. What I mean is more and more gamers are now having interest in these series. Including me.

  11. It's amazing how effective seemless transitions are in just helping you still more immersed in the game! Always a great thing to see!

  12. This looks great! The first game is yet one more I still need to come back to; I’ve started it twice but never got around to finishing. I kinda wanna pick this one up anyway just to show support

  13. I started the entire Atelier series because of you but I’m only up to Lulua, so I’ll have to put this video on hold for later. At least you get multiple views out of me though ;D

  14. can you talk about Monark please? It was made by some devs that worked on SMT and after playing the demo im kinda itching for more info on it lol

  15. I am really excited for this to come! I've been loving Gust and Koei Tecmo so much from Atelier to some of their other IP like Blue reflection and I loved Fairy Tail so much! Thank you so much for the video! Cannot wait!!

  16. Great video BB, congrats on the 2M views recently. Sophie was one of my favorite protagonists, so I can't wait to see more of her interacting with other characters. Atelier Sophie definitely had some of my favorite Atelier gameplay too.

  17. Wow. No battle transition screens! I was not expecting that!!!
    One of the things I appreciate the most about Atelier series is that no two games have the same alchemy/battle system so they feel fresh (and I’m playing my tenth Atelier game so far hah).
    I have yet to play Firis and L&S (I’ll probably play them after Sophie 2), but I might make a quick save so I can get those costumes 😉

  18. Honestly I love Sophie way more than Ryza, never thought they would go back and make best girl the main protagonist again so I'm extremely excited for this game.

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