At Home Alone is back and now we see mom's secret – At Home Alone Final

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At Home Alone is back with a new update that adds a new gameplay and a new ending called at Home Alone Final

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Play At Home Alone Final here –

Art by Nightliite –


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  1. despite the broken english, i absolutely love this game, the art style, the pixelated style of the game and how it improved throughout the years, the deep meaning especially because it can also happen in reality for alot of kids which is really sad and scary .

  2. in Chinese , " uncle" sometimes doesn't mean "relatives" , it can be a male stranger , "aunt" can be a female stranger.

  3. i always noticed that when the boy said "mom help me" that it was in pink text instead of red, now it makes sense

  4. I love how he said, blonde haired girl is the wife, when she’s the same age as the pink haired girl, and they are both children

  5. I think I know who’s the bad guy and the good guy…
    Black crow is the MAIN good guy
    White crow is the bad,good guy
    Red haired uncle (stranger) is the MAIN bad guy

  6. Boy the game really took a whole 180-turn into something entirely different (especially starting at 1:08:29.) It's NOT EVEN the same game anymore!

  7. 0:25 – Is that like from the original Final Fantasy 7 for the PS1? (Or was it 8? IDK… It's been FOREVER since I last played that game.)

  8. just finished this game few days ago and I didn't knew it was the definitive version thats why its called "at home alone final". The story was great it had all emotions and stuff, i loved it. im so greatful bijuu mike for you playing this game . I won't forget it 😀

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