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  1. Wow looks sick. I play this on PC but the graphics are very demanding and I have to turn all the settings down to low. I might have to switch to ps5 on this one

  2. Dividing last and next gen Consoles will destroy the community on them completely. Thanks for letting us players down who paid anything like all the players on the next gen (and PC) Thanks for destroying all the effort that has put into leagues, streams and concept which was keeping us playing ACC. Thanks for letting us feel like cash cows that are not worthy anymore to get a decent SIM Racing experience. Thanks for killing the Console Community completely. Great work.

  3. isnt this already out?
    so why release the ps5 version so short before gt7?
    why did it take so long to upgrade it to the next generation, could have released it half a year ago and you would have had more buyers who want to bridge the time to gt7

  4. Thanks for the PS5 version. I believe the porting is a bigger challenge than developing an "add to favourite" button to the multiplayer server browser on PC…

  5. GT7 & ACC will be only reason I get a PS5. I've been playing ACC on PS4 and the game is incredible and challenging with great sounds inside and out. Recommended if your a console sim player.

  6. I gotta get both Assetto Corsa since i got GT SPORT which will turn into GT7 next month. Now they're transferring data from GT SPORT to GT7. Starting tomorrow!

  7. Sequential gearbox whine is Annoying! too loud!!

    SOUND in ProjectCars 2 is unbeatable i think.

    One point is that the sequential gearbox whine is NOT so loud like here and on GT4 and up..

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