Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection Nintendo Switch Review

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Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection arrives on the Nintendo Switch and Ubisoft were kind enough to send a review copy to the channel but it only allowed access to Assassin’s Creed 2 until release date. We will follow up with more details around the full collection on release date with a performance breakdown!

Make history as the legendary Master Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, in Assassin’s Creed® The Ezio Collection, which includes the acclaimed single-player campaigns and single-player add-on content* from three games: Assassin’s Creed® II, Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed® Revelations with enhanced graphics for PlayStation®4 system.

Play as Ezio, the most iconic Assassin in the franchise, and follow his journey from a young man learning the ways of the Assassins in 15th-century Renaissance Italy, then into Rome where he takes leadership of the entire Brotherhood of Assassins. Finally embark on Ezio’s final adventure in 16th-century Constantinople, as he walks in the footsteps of his great mentor, Altaïr, on a journey of discovery and revelation .

Also included are the short films Assassin’s Creed Lineage® and Assassin’s Creed Embers™.

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  1. Just a couple questions before i buy this. Are all three games on the cart and does it require an update before you can play it? I currently have no internet and i won't be able to download anything so that's why I'm asking.

  2. That essential connect with ubisoft is annoying (no reason) but it is also the same for need for speed have to connect to EA

  3. You literally can tell every single new texture they added into this collection.. every single new texture is way brighter than it should be.. kind of wish they left it alone and left in the original textures, looks like an eyesore

  4. 2 remains one of the best experiences I ever had as a gamer. Loved Brotherhood but Revelations never hit with me. This gets me pretty excited to pick up and replay as it’s been well over a decade. Super excited to see if the nostalgia glasses are in effect on this or if it truly is as solid as I recall

  5. So let me get this straight you title the video as the collection review but then state at the beginning it’s just 2 as that was all that was playable with information about the other 2. Some advice that should be common sense. Don’t name a review what it isn’t. This is the last video I will ever start on your channel. I’m so tired of clickbait garbage. The way games get released now a days there could be something seriously wrong with one of the other 2 games you didn’t review and people should know better but might go off your score of just the one game and spend money on this.

  6. It really kinds looks better than the Xbox one remaster. That one almost goes overboard with the oversaturation of the colors and makes it look kind of strange. On the switch is looks more like the original, but way more crisp and pretty.

  7. Glad that it runs well on the Switch (though, I'd expect nothing less from these older titles.) I'll probably pick up a physical copy whenever it goes on sale in a few weeks; Love me the AC gameplay and just exploring the historical side of things, but I'm a bit bummed that Ubi cheaped out and only put AC 2 on the cartridge instead of all 3 Ezio games. Sure, they did similarly with the other ports, but surely the Ezio Trilogy isn't at all that big in file size? ah well…still excited to pick this up later

  8. I never got to play these when they released, so I'm super excited for this collection. Hopefully we'll get the original ported over too. It'd be nice to have the entirety of Desmond's arc on switch. It be nice to have AC 1 bundled with Bloodlines

  9. Never played an assassin’s creed (none of em)… is this a good place to start if you know very little about the series?

  10. I still have yet to play an Assassin’s Creed title. With my current backlog and Wish List, I doubt I will be getting this collections anytime soon. It has been added to the Wish List with the rest of the AC titles.

  11. I own all the games excluding the first on 360 and I'd be willing to do it again for better graphics, performance, and portability. Once I own this I will own all of the switch games

  12. The required Ubisoft log in is pretty sus 😶😶but if that's only for dlc than slightly less but still😶😶 besides that seems like a fun game.

  13. Second AC game, second favourite AC game, soundtrack by my second favourite videogame ost artist (Jesper Kyd who did Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and Freedom Fighters, right behind Amon Tobin who did the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory one), a little behind Black Flag as for favourite AC games. Haven't played the direct sequels though, so it will be interesting. I'll get it when physical copies drop below 20 to 25 euro's, we all know it will. I'll play Rogue some more if I can't wait.

  14. Started the game (got up to a certain important moment for Ezio at the beginning) and MAN I am SO ECSTATIC with the Visuals and Performance on Switch… I mean it was expected but you never know 🤷‍♂️ I'll spend a lot of time going for 100% and enjoying this Trilogy for the billionth time on my Commute 🥰

  15. Unfortunately I never cared for the assassin Creed games. The story, characters and gameplay just didn't fit with me so this is a easy skip for me.

  16. I’m picking up a Eshop card later today just for the ezio collection and great review Alex looking forward to the other two reviews

  17. I haven't played any of the trilogy before that's why I'm really interested on this one. However, I really need to consider what I really want to purchase.

  18. Why are you releasing a review titled for the Ezio collection if you claim you can only really speak for the first game in the collection? Seems pretty shady to me. Or if not shady pretty poorly managed.

  19. This is the 1st Assassins Creed I played from beginning to end on the 360. Along with Black Flag, it's my favourite. Nice one dude.

  20. Now THIS is the Assassin's Creed game I was waiting to arrive on the Switch. I plan on eventually picking this one up on a deep sale.

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