Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection Nintendo Switch | FULL Performance Review!

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Here’s the technical breakdown of performance with framerates, handheld recording, audio analysis and a general look at visual …


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  1. Scored review is here :

    At the end of this episode I have a little chat about the current issue of releasing big games that then require either multiple downloads after the fact or physical copies that do not include the entire game. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the issue! Mark

  2. Thank you for your thorough videos! I was really happy with black flag and used your review to make my decision to get it! When I was the Ezio trilogy announced I wanted to make sure and check your review before getting it as well ^~^

  3. These remasters looked like ass before, but now they can look like ass in the palm of your hands!

    If you’re new to these games I highly recommend playing the original trilogy on PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 instead. You get the fun trophies, too!

  4. Even if they bring AC1 to switch it’s probably going to be 30fps because 3 and Blackflag are 30 fps it wouldn’t make sense to make 1 or even 2 60 just for you to continue to the next and it be 30

  5. Bro I don’t think I can get any of them because it for some reason dosent give me the one game I want and instead it gives me a whole pack

  6. Been gaming since the 70's and not once have I played an AC game. Should I give it a go? Where should I start?

  7. So one thing I’ve noticed playing AC2, there is a sound bug where after a while, the background music, battle music, chasing music, everything just completely goes away and you’re left with utter dead silence no matter what you’re doing.
    Turns out f*cking Ubisoft left this bug in and never fixed it ever since the original release nearly 15 years ago, despite people complaining on their official forum.
    God I hate this company at times.

    Edit: So basically whenever you synchronise a viewpoint or start a mission or do ANYTHING, the background music you had before will no longer play until you RESTART THE GAME.
    I can’t fathom Ubisoft’s incompetence and negligence. I can guarantee they won’t fix this crap either since it’s been a known issue for over a decade and all the response they’ve given is that they can’t do anything about it and you should just restart the game every time it happens.
    Screw this company

  8. Anyone else having noticeable input lag? I have it even in handheld mode. I read about it in another article too. Is there a chance it gets fixed?

  9. Has anyone experienced a weird issue with Brotherhood and Revelations on Switch where the visuals will get incredibly blurry and pixellated at certain sections for a brief time? It's rare but very noticeable. Blur in Switch games is nothing new but it's pretty bad here.
    I haven't seen anyone else mention it either!

  10. as i expected ubisoft were completley lazy when making this, assassins creed 3 remastered was not remastered at all because ubisoft doesent like to put any effort at all and it looks like it is the case here too

  11. I have given this much thought and I clearly see that Nintendo Switch system is a hybrid system that is why some games ported over to the switch look good and some others don't, now if Nintendo can just make a non hybrid handheld this may fix the problem porting over games to the new hardware.

    I hope Nintendo does the right move on there next system, but then again Nintendo will do as they do!!!!

    I love the AC Ezio's collection as I loved black flag and brotherhood classic nostalgia in the right direction.


  12. Tbh, I was quite excited when Ezio Collection was announced. But after watching the trailer and gameplay, I decided to skip for this one.

  13. I already have the Xbox One version with everything on disc and which now runs at 60fps on my Series X so I’m good.

  14. The game costs "just" 40 bucks in America??? WTF! In Europe we have to fork out almost 50 Euro*. BTW, thank you for the review and mentioning the fact that it's only one game per cartridge.

    *EDIT: That's about 57 USD

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