Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By Lost Ark | First Time Playing

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THE DAY HAS COME! Asmongold Plays LOST ARK for the first time ever, the literal god ventures into the world of Arkesia and …


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  1. this what life looks like when u have no gf and dont go to gym or get any fresh air. to live this life is pretty depressing even if u making that much money. you have no real friends in real life. ur whole life is sitting on a pc.

  2. Asmongold TV while I was watching your video. The beginning of up to 49:31 I already knew that the priest was evil. He knows a lot about dungeon and what not to do. A very obvious clue. Hahaha dude I thought you were smart? Lol.

  3. Check out the video called Хелависа – "Утраченный свет". Its a russian song made for Lost Ark release.

  4. You can do all dungeons solo on hard in this game, just takes a bit longer than normal.

    His edit cuts are bad tbh, i am assuming he died a bit after 2:10:50, i didn't, so shocked if he did really.

  5. 17:28 i never was a fan of these huge unrealistuic weapons in the first place, but if they have to do it, at least make it so that these huge ass weapons don´t clip into the fucking floor on a regular base…

  6. hope he realizes one day the years thrown away on video games in his room. get a real job , this streamer generation is so retarded

  7. Would like to see him do this all solo and also, I love how he calls the guy he is left with is cry boy & pussy…. lol if only he knew lmao.

    His reaction was as expected. [spoiler maybe past this point]

    Then he sees the next priest and calls him a girly boy lol, once again if only he knew…. then he sees it and goes OH WOW, then later says sarcastically to the comment of sorry if i surprised you, aaahhh not really… lol he doesn't like to admit he was a little surprised hey.

    Love the edit for the first floor trap part, how often did he die on that, i didn't also but nearly did once.

  8. Yo editors, I know Im a week late, but I really hope future videos dont have the boss fights cut out. I really wanted to watch those most, really frustrating to see most of them missing ;o;

  9. Guys just because Asmon doesn't like something for Lost Ark doesnt mean you gotta attack him or argue that he is wrong everyone has different tastes in MMO's and opinions.. Something that you might like from Lost Ark might not be for everyone it happens..

  10. funny how he didn't even look at the Advance class reviews with what the Warrior has – sub classes at the start (btw first time watching this guys video)

  11. If you don't like p2w game, you don't have to do it. No one forced you to play games

  12. Watching you be a dick to Morpheus is oddly satisfying to watch 😂😂.

    Morpheus: Take this potion.
    Asmon: Who tf is this pussy bitch?

    Morpheus: The Ark contains great power.
    Asmon: I would've never expected that🙄.

    Morpheus: This place… It doesn't seem normal…
    Asmon: Yeah it's fake it's in a video game, man.

    Gerka: I made a rational decision!
    Asmon: You made the right call man FUCK the priest. The kid's an idiot.

    Morpheus: Is there another way?
    Asmon: GOD he's such a bitch.

  13. bruh whoever is editing these vids are doing a horrible job. Like asmon is about to fight a boss and it just cuts to the end when he wins. WTF! i wanna see the fights!!

  14. Is there a way to lock the camera during cutscenes in this game? I have a friend who can't play 3d games because of motion sickness and the cutscenes in this game would definitely trigger her. But if she could keep the camera mounted overhead even during cutscenes, it wouldn't be an issue.. or is there a cutscene skip even on first view by chance? (She can play overhead 3D games like League of Legends or Diablo without issue)

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