Answer the Call – What are they Doing?

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  1. Hope they got a lot of refund requests, those new players better run before they got pulled in to this mess.

  2. why anyone would say Star Citizens FPS is a solution to anything is really strange , as it is embarrassingly terrible , i guess Mike never tried a game as old as MWF2, that a good FPS game SC's FPS is a joke and if the game launches with that ESP aim curve calibration as the only controller support then RSI will be the laughing stock of the industry

  3. Sad.
    We all played it hard core everyday in 3.16.1 now, none of us are playing.
    Really hope 3.17.2 fix patch works, I love the game but the bugs are just killing me, literally.
    Money is pointless in this game if you have a starter ship or better.
    Half the fun is starting from nothing
    More than happy to talk about issues 👍

  4. Mostly a good video, but I get real fucking tired of streamers saying shit like 'just play the game more' as if our livelihood is playing this game!!! The majority of us only get an hour or two a day, AT MOST, to play.

    I get that you built this up over years, but streamers are a VAST minority of player but you speak to issues as if your a majority. Im glad you have a FT job of playing a game, thats awesome, but dont apply your logic to others playing the game! I dont do that for streamers or anyone else.

    Bottom line: CIG created another massive fairness chasm, by not doing a full 2nd rewipe OR just leaving it the hell alone, but no they let the shopping spree'rs keep their shit, which I get, took time, and If I got to choose, I wouldve just left it til 3.18. Just pulling peoples wallets was the opposite of fair… There needs to be a fair implementation of everything at the start of a patch. Im not a big fan of paying real money for ships, but I have a few too, but it doesnt hand you the keys to free money… FREE TIME is the only thing that makes that possible and most working, family people dont have alot of free time.

    They shouldve just left the fat wallets alone for a few months til 3.18… I FOR ONE WOULD PLAY SOOOOOO MUCH MORE (IN AN UNFINSHED ALPHA STATE) IF I HAD A SHITLOAD OF SHIPS TO PLAY AROUND IN. PROGRESSION IS A POINTLESS GOAL IN AN ALPHA IMO. I play other games for the grind, like games that are FINISHED AND FULL OF CONTENT!

    CIG has some content, alot of bugs, and beautiful views and fun flight, but the buggy grind keeps me from doing anything more than just flying around and creating my own content, but usually based on taking a mission but not strictly following it.

  5. It should start at a time or every hour so new players arnt joining at random points. It needs a seperate chat an a progress tracker. The final platform should be unreachable, turrets maybe. Oh an for god sake sort the server wide announcements from that crusader woman that go out constantly. Make everyone go to set their spawn at the orison med center too so the gotta go in an out every death

  6. Honestly, I don’t have a PC for fps events and not comfortable with combat missions so when you say it’s easy….. you honestly discard every player that doesn’t do fps and combat content. I don’t play the game like that.

  7. I am adding my voice and vote into the call for an instanced purely pve mission like SoO, that would really be an ideal for me if that kind of experience could be found in SC.

  8. I'm glad I raced out with my 33Mil and upgraded all my ships and got a 890 jump that I still have after they took the 1.3 Mil I had left.

  9. main focus "you can't please everyone" I swear some people where actually complaining that we got millions lmao. ITS ONE PATCH! what is wrong with having some fun for ONE 3 month Patch?! I don't get it!

  10. They should have just said hay we made a mistake enjoy the money, we will wipe in 3.18. Let the players enjoy the money. I was gifted 20 million back in 3.9 or 3.10. I used that to buy a bunch of ships and got to really try them out and see what I liked and which ships I didn’t like. Without that I wouldn’t have the large hanger I have now. When you have a lot of money you get to enjoy an endgame type of experience. This means that when you know a wipe is coming you are more likely to go out and buy the ship so you have it when a wipe occurs. It’s just like trade, CIG hates when it’s players make money for no reason. How many players quit because the game is so grindy. Give us a patch or two where people can make a shit ton of money let us buy all the ships in game. CIG needs to let us play the game and not grind it.

  11. The only mission I experienced is the drug mission for the drug guy at Grim to go from Yela to a moon around MT and then to the bar at NB

  12. I have almost 650 recruits on the Star Citizen referral program. It looks like they purged some accounts as my recruit account decreased by about 20 accounts.

  13. Leaving the money after the first mistake would even potentially make them more money. Now someone's got millions of space bucks and can buy a ship they couldn't afford before (a Carrack for me). With the coming 3.18 wipe, they'll consider buying a ship so they can start with it instead of a mustang or something.

  14. Cig should just focus on fixing all the stupid bugs before anything else. Why are elevator's getting bugged out? Rather than explain a new dev tool in detail, I'd much rather hearing why these long standing bugs are still happening?, what they are going to do to fix them?, why is it taking long to fix? etc. And the money issue, they should have just let everyone keep it as a wipe is coming with 3.18 anyways. Players spend a lot of time dealing with bugs, so letting people have a lot of money for a short time, allows for more people to test ships they wouldn't normally be able to. It's going with 3.18 so let people enjoy it.

  15. It is about selling ships… there is a very short code that could be written in 3 hours that would archive a single line of code for every account and also replace that code… ie, before the wipe, shut down servers, run the code to archive how much money is in everyone's account, update game and wipe characters inventories and money. Then run the second code to reinstall everyone's account, bring servers back online with accounts reinstated. The fact that code like that is extremely easy and has not been done leads to people thinking of more scandalous reasons. For instance, placing the ingo that 3.17.2 is playable right next to the ship buy button even for ships not in game yet is kinda scandalous because people may misinterpret that as saying the ship is flyable in game. Since CIG has no problem doing that, leads to the conclusion that they also, would have no problem taking money to hopefully get someone to just buy thier fav ship instead of grinding for it. On top of that forcing impulse buys by saying ship purchases are not avaliable until an event to force urgency on players to perhaps not pay thier real life car payment thst month because the ship won't be avaliable to purchase again for another half year.

  16. The money isn't the issue. The issue is CIG's priorities. The money thing just shined a light on where their actual priorities are as opposed to what CIG says they are.

  17. Many games in development and testing have given characters tons of cash just so enough players could test all aspects of the game on every level, IE: UO even back in the early days. Hell, they would give you tons of cash even after release on the testing servers, etc. I think this is being blown way out of proportion for a game in Alpha, not even Beta, IMHO, FFS. I've actually played more after the cash dump because I was able to get in and do more right away and be part of the testing, not expecting long-term persistence in what I do at this early stage. Anyone not expecting a wipe all the way up to the release of a game in development confuses me. Less drama, more testing, and constructive commentary on improving the game and getting it ready for release. If you consider the live servers anything but a test server as well, you are kidding yourself, especially with such slow development. Only game ever where I have seen players treat an Alpha like a released game…

  18. Man… I wish the comunity would ve been more out rage like this when they (Fixed) the Ion.

    There is so many ways they could change it over just cutting its wiener off and ruining its identity.

    Even a glaives x2 s5 has a more alpha damage and Range over the Ion with a Huge size7! Capital ship destroyer… It will be deleted off the earth fighting something like a player driven hammerhead before it can even do anything to it.

    They seriusly need to Hire a team for haveing logical thinking and common sence.

  19. this is why i never play new patches in the first week. CiG messed them up so often, it doesn't worth the time loss over and over again from their own mistakes. Also, they should gave everyone EACH patch 1 milion UEC because players are loosing tons of time to fix their alpha!

  20. I couldn't disagree with you more about the instancing. I played SoO with a group of ~30 people in my org. It was great even with randos coming through. If you want to make it feel more organized and allow for a pug, there should be a Queue that you can join, that will team people up so that you can approach it as a group even if you don't have an org that can field 25+ people. I do hope that instancing never becomes a thing in this game. Instancing kills content. It becomes to linear to quickly. With this event there is a good balance between the raid and sandbox feel, it just needs a little more feature development to get where it needs to go. VoiP has never worked better and prox coms were extremely useful communicating with those not in the party. If they can create a new coms link that links the players that accepted the priority mission, it would fix that communications issue you mentioned. And performance obviously. After a few hours I could sense the server's hamster was runnin outta steam.

  21. The people you have on are so one sided, you're all very salty. I can't imagine this is the norm, usually it's the extremes on either side that you hear not what majority of the people think. It would be good to include other views.

    I studied games programming but still haven't gotten into it as a career because of GFC and I didn't want to go overseas to work anymore. However my background in making the few games I have gives me a different insight.

    This money thing was a mistake, it was such a simple task, I don't know how they could of gone wrong. I suspect they did a linear equation on time and didn't check the bounds but maybe it was just some database multiplier bug like they say or code confusion. However mistakes happen, not that big of a deal, however their solution was worse than the mistake and there was many good solutions. Personally I thought I had too much money, all I wanted was enough for some gear and a few ship upgrades for my Scorpius and a jump drive for my Connie.
    I got all that but still was saving some money, I was giving some away to people that started with nothing, I thought that was a bit unfair.

    After the reset I only had 20k aUEC barely enough to get geared for missions, luckily I had most of the essentials already. I had about 150k to 200k in ship upgrades.
    Still this is 100 times smaller than what I was given not 10 times. 2 mill would of been a nice starting point and sounds like their intention, however now I'm practically starting with one cave mission under my belt. Why bother at all at this point. Yeah it's a big mess up, they should just make a free skin for people that played during the time and send it out, I'm sure a token gesture will smooth things over.

    It is alpha, it is also a live service that people pay money for. I don't envy this way of development but I do enjoy it from my perspective. I'd rather they spent more time on the final solution to things than stop gap measures, so I'm happy to put up with a lot of bugs. My code would be way buggier at this point in development if it wasn't live. However they need to fix things like elevators, but did you notice they were only a big issue at the start of the PTU and live release then they smooth it out. I think they were tuning the backend.

    As for the 100 player caps, they need to head there and it played better in the PTU with 125 players than it did with 50 in live. Sure 20 players was sickly smooth but 100 was still a vast improvement from before and it made the servers feel alive. As long as they could keep that performance up it was a no brainer to keep it.

    As for Seige of Orison being instanced, what do you think the original plan for server meshing was?
    They originally talked about following a player of interest from a city, as you fly through space they'll try to keep you in a instance with him and all his and your friends. However I haven't kept up with development but I've heard people say it will only be one instance. I've yet to hear it'll only be one instance officially and I wonder how this will be possible having to render in tens times more Quanta than players.
    So even if it's not instanced for the most of the game, I'm sure they're still designing for overflow and spinning up new servers. I'm sure they'll be able to specify a max player amount for siege and put the rest in another server.

    Also final thing, what was holding theatres of war back? I assumed it was networking and player caps. 3.17.2 was to improve networking and increase play caps for future patches, could we possibly get a 3.17.3 with theatres of war if internal testing goes well with siege?

  22. I’ve wanted to call into one of these but I Haven’t for a couple of reasons:

    – the time is sometimes too early for me on Sunday now
    – I’m not aware of the topic beforehand

    Do you do these at a consistent time? I’ve caught one when it’s like 8am my time BUT If there’s a set schedule and the topic is interesting, I can plan ahead.

  23. I think this was THE BEST mistake that SC ever made! For the first time everyone was rich, EQUAL! Think about it this way, the dev that made this mistake maybe wanted us to feel this way! Also believe whoever is angry about we getting this money is maybe upset because they were not richer than everyone else. What do you think?

  24. If Seige of Orison was a instance it would eliminate any hot dropshi0 gameplay that we had fun with this weekend

  25. CiG knowing how to make a better FPS experience than all of experiences the community has in other games? lolwut? you must be trying to fool yourself, cus you're not fooling me in the slightest. FPS in the hands of CIG is going to be a terrible experience because it will be based on movie gun fights which unrealistic, illogical and absolute shit.

  26. IMO The money I don't care about I think if they want to give money it should be the same amount to everyone regardless of playtime. They cry about the economy but it's Alpha who cares about the economy in alpha it's going to go through so many iterations and the economy should not be the thing that people play for, we should be testing and reporting bugs and until the game goes to beta when it's actual time to fix bugs and fix things for release the economy should never be the main concern. if they gave me 1Billion aUEC to test with I would still do missions and do events because I don't play for the profits during Alpha it's called ALPHA UEC for a reason. Wipes happen often enough that worrying about what will happen to the economy is a joke. Either give us all money to get us through bugs that would break our bank during alpha to help us get over the bugs or give us nothing and leave us dry but to decide to give some players more aUEC over others is just dumb, 1.71 was unplayable for me so I was hardly on but I tested the heck out of 17.2 on the PTU and I got compensated not even in the slightest for that work and I was given even less credits for the PTU were as you said the money matters even LESS!

    TL;DR CIG shouldn't care about the economy in Alpha that's a Beta worry and if they give out money (which would just be to aid against bugs/glitches that cause you to lose everything over and over) it should be the same amount for everyone not based on playtime as bugs prevent playtime quiet often as every ones PC specs are different.

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