Analysis: How BAD Is CrossfireX Really? 🤢

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Contents Of This Video

00:00 Intro
01:08 Manscaped
03:00 Graphics
05:32 AWFUL Controls
08:08 Lackluster Story
11:18 BLAND Gameplay
15:43 Pay2Win Multiplayer
19:42 Final Opinions


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  1. Anyone notice how the Villain at the End of Campaign 2 looks like PashaBiceps? Pasha even had the same Beard once, alltough not grey.

  2. made the mistake of downloading it on game pass- tried the multiplayer for 1 hour and the single player for 1/2 an hour – that was enough for me – uninstalled it

  3. Gutted that the single player is shit. I was hoping with Remedy at the helm that there would be at least one good big budget FPS until ID's next DOOM or Quake game.

  4. This is the only game I've ever seen feature those really cool Grand Power P1/K100 rotating barrel handguns. Shame it turned out this shitty cause that could have been good representation

  5. On the download speed: The Xbox One is limited to a 40Mbps download speed, so it won’t be able to take advantage of faster internet speeds. The Series S/X has a faster download speed (always around 150-200 and peaks at 800 for me).

  6. I was expecting the campaign to have some similar gameplay to Crysis which I don't know why I was expecting that to happen. That expectation kinda did happen, but it was terribly executed.

  7. Nobody has a new generation xbox Jarek. Theyre impossible to find without paying 1500 bucks on Amazon. Also I get 1kb/sec because ISPs are lazy af and dont really care about outmoding HughesNet. We could talk all day about "should not".

  8. Wow never thought I would see a shooter nowadays literally go back to the early 2000s era of f2p p2w transactions.

  9. Welp I'm on Series X and I can tell you the only real difference I can see between Xbox one and Series X is your guns look fuzzier than mine. That's it. Thank feck I have gamepass.

  10. It's clear that devs doesn't have experience/notion with this typed of genera, wouldn't say it's necessary trash in my opinion, but is very unpolished and doesn't show that mostly/all have a good development process on some aspects, especially on gameplay polish.

    The campaign would and can be better if they decided to fix some points through the books and give more word and character building and make more interesting to follow the campaign( even though it needs to be done outside the game), as well improving AI and give more freedom on levels (trust me,is possible, but not in a way that will rid off the linearity of this campaign, but at least doesn't will be feeling so linear, it has a way for do this)

    In the end, l just saying the devs can save this game, it have hope for a future where at least can get a loyal player base, now leaves to devs fix all things wrong with the game as long listening player's feedback

    Hope that devs doesn't give up like others simply do.

  11. 6:00
    This issue reminds me of bf1 on xbox one which has the exact same issue and i hate it
    The worst part is in bf1 i can't even fix or change that and for some reason i don't see people complain about it

  12. You should review PointBlank, a 2008 Free2play multiplayer FPS game made by Zepetto. It's not that bad, everything are ok. Until you notice that all the best gun can only be purchased with microtransaction, and worst of all, they're not permanent.

  13. This game really targets a certain type of audience. The original game's still somehow alive and remain popular in my country. IMO this games is all about paying to get the better gear and feeling superior when using those gears to mowing down everyone in matches. Everything is simple, plain and generic, just the way people like it, there's no need for a complex story or character development.

  14. The whole if it is on pc it's not an exclusive reasoning is flawed, because it runs on machines that use direct x console or not microsoft as a whole still makes mony from selling windows licenses , so pressing software on as many machines of the microsoft eco system be it xbox or pc is a great idea license wise. While play station sony doesn't have that type of ecosystem and they'll never have the resources to be like Microsoft. The whole exclusive thing is a desperate anticonsumer attempt of forcing your hardware on others and thus it shouldn't be praised.

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