Alphadia Neo [English] Part 2: A foe to an ally! Energi R301b Ena-chan

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Part 2: Enah encounter – to the town of Barley! –

Alphadia series reborn with a new chapter of Energi conflict!

In a world where battles over Energi, the life energy have broken out, a young man with no memory meets a princess whose kingdom has been destroyed.
The gears of fate begin to move little by little in this truly classic fantasy story…

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After witnessing the Ruin status of Strudel Kingdom, Souffle and Alt entered the mysterious black building found in the deeper part of the town.
They found out that the building is actually an experimental laboratory that the opposing Empire of Oberg using to make Energi Clones where they encounter Energi R301b, a mysterious Energi Clone..


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