All The New Elden Ring Footage Shown At Taipei Game Show | No Commentary

YouTube video

The Taipei show didn’t have new info but it did have new footage. You can see a lot of new weapons armors and spells.


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  1. Please make it harder..the previous fromtsoftware games were a lot harder. The enemies seem to hit AIR a lot and plus the summons are just turn off…babysitting the players. Even Fromtsoftware was not safe from snowflakes.

  2. I’m just happy that the character faces don’t look like melted wax. That’s a big deal for me in games. I know it could be considered a small complaint. Everything else looks great, but that’s to be expected.

  3. I’m really hoping they knock it out of the park with the “legacy dungeons” or I feel people will be rly disappointed with this game for not feeling nearly as hard as past titles.

  4. I really wish we can obtain some iconic Dark Souls armor throughout the game. I would be rocking the Artorias' armor.

  5. Love how u can dodge with the horse, but horse should have some wings to make sense of riding air , also the descent should be faster and harder ,maybe give the horse metal legs, he's kinda floaty

  6. The only thing that bothers me constantly about this game is that i cant decide on which build i want to do my first playthrough:()

  7. it's hard to believe but the biggest game changing of elden ring vs dark souls is the jump button, it changes the entire ability to fight ur enemies.

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