ALL CRAFTED Dares of Eternity Weapons & New Enhanced Traits

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Craft Dares of Eternity Weapons Now! The New Origin Trait Hot Swap and Enhanced Kill Clip, Incandescent and More Make Them Some Of The Best Guns In Destiny 2! Season 18 has given us new traits like Pugilist and Gutshot Straight rolling on these weapons! Start going for your God Roll BXR-55 Battler, Pardon Our Dust, Wastelander M5, Retraced Path, Half-Truths and The Other Half right now in Season of the Plunder!

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  1. Which Dares Weapon Do You Want To Craft First?! Remember To Subscribe Because God Roll Guides of these Weapons Are On The Way! Thanks For Watching!

  2. I am basically free to play. Do I need any of the DLC to acquire red border dares of eternity legendries such as retraced path?

  3. I’ve been grinding dares sense 1 of this month and it’s the 17th and I can craft all the other guns but can’t get a simple red border pardon are dust!

  4. Drops rates have been increased really? Lol just cuz you have insanely good rng doesn’t mean they did anything at all to the drop rate I’ve turned in 40+ keys since the start of the season and have gotten 3 total red border weapons to drop also not a single other half red border or regular

  5. Godammit bungo I wanted to get a new demo junkie roll for my solar nade spam builds.
    Oh well guess i'll make due with incadesant. That or just keep my non origin perk one.

  6. Thank you for saying pugilist correctly. So many other Desyiny YouTubers have apparently never heard the word before

  7. Now that we have a craftable blinding gl, everyone should literally have one, I used it in day 1 kings fall and It was a huge stress reliever when doing other mechanical tasks

  8. Ngl I want to craft a battler but the demo/adrenaline junkie is just to me the perfect roll for warlocks running Starfire. Nothing better than running out of heavy and still dominating damage phases or just nuking champions without wasting any.

  9. I am not experiencing increased drop rates at all on any of the red borders. I have run about 15 dares so far, opened 12 paraversal hauls (got 0 keys from all 12 btw) and have not gotten a single red border… It feels the opposite of increased it feels like they nerfed the drops. I don't think I had ever previously opened more than 2 paraversaul hauls without getting a key and right now I'm up to 12.

  10. You say the drop rate for the other half sword was increased so im gonna call you out on this wheres the proof? still ridiculously low chance

  11. eager edge repulsor brace is such a strong build for pvp, essentially lifting the restrictions to INTing after grabbing heavy and having a sword

    for hunters it's the most viable especially in a 3v3 environment, smoke bombs are an easily accessible method to debuff a wide area then swing away, enhanced eager edge allows 3 fully powered light swings and assuming you kill a debuffed target first you get an overshield to sustain inflicted damage as you wipe the remaining fireteam members and clutch a round

    3 weeks till trials, can't wait to slap a memento on it

  12. Would've loved to see a quick preview of the mementos since you cant preview them till you've unlocked/crafted the weapons. Great Vid

  13. LETS GOOOOO if only my dumb self didn’t turn in my red border bxr and wastelanders but I’m happy they craftable next cqc I hope

  14. BXR and Retraced Path having Incandescent makes them top PvE picks for Solar builds, imo. With the new Omolon Auto, Minitool, Suros Scout, and Bow from last season, Solar enthusiasts nearly have a full set of Incandescent primaries.

    I think enhanced Wastelander is the number 1 Dares weapon for PvP. Having enhanced perks will make it the best Lightweight Frame in the game by a large margin.

    Pardon Our Dust, while it's probably my favourite weapon, as it's so useful to have a Blinding Grenade Launcher in PvE, I don't think I'm going to rush out and craft one, as I already have a godroll version that does the job. Enhanced Auto-Loading is nice, but I've never felt I've been desperate for Pardon to have slightly quicker stowed reload speed. I would hold off and craft the other stuff first.

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