Aground Together: Part 5 – It turns out Uranium is like, super important if you die in space

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Welcome to part 5 of our multiplayer playthrough of Aground!

Full disclosure: we had to do a little bit of cheating in the game. Now, to be fair, that’s only because the game wildly limits uranium deposits on the starting planet, and if you say, die on a different planet and need to build an FTL ship to and GET it… well you need Hi-tech parts. Which are made with uranium.

So that exact scenario might have happened to us in this one, and I gotta say: It was a bummer.

We also got to spend some time as werewolves, which I’m sure made someone happy out there.

Watch me struggle live:
Join my discord to catch more:


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  1. If you catch Peri (the cat), the fisherman will start catching fish for you , mostly toothfish, but some rockfish and a rare coral cod.

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