Aground Together: Part 1 – "You should fight the dragon"

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Welcome to part 1 of our multiplayer playthrough of Aground!

So maybe we should have tried the game out off-stream just to get a handle on things. Maybe we should have tested how multiplayer actually works. Maybe one of us shouldn’t have fought a dragon with our basic weapons. Maybe, but you know what? That’s content, baby!

Aground is a survival game akin to Terreria, Starbound, Minecraft, etc. you dig under ground, collect materials, chop trees, care for livestock, make pies, and explore. Pretty standard stuff, honestly. The Premise of the game is that the people on this world were grounded there by something up in space, and now we’re just aiming to survive.

Survival isn’t enough for some (us) though, and we aim to get back into space and deal with The Problem eventually. For now though, we get to flail around in the dirt looking for minerals and eating a never-ending supply of pancakes.

Game info:
Watch me struggle live:
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