Age of Wonders 4: Mountain Sprouts! – Part 3 #sponsored

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Playing as a custom race “Mountain Sprouts”: Dwarfkin, Tough, Defensive Tactics, Industrious, Runesmiths, Great Builders. This pre-release stream was kindly sponsored by Paradox Interactive –

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  1. 2:55 No thats not a good sign in a strategy game. Its a sign they cared more about multiplayer than singleplayer. I though paradox had learned from their mistakes with Imperator.
    The existance if imperium is making me think that im better off modding the things i dont like with AoW3 instead of spending money on AoW4.

  2. There's a lot here thats pretty damn cool, most impressive thing to me is the combat AI isn't garbage.

  3. Farm with pasture gave 16 food instead of 10+5. Also gold mine gave 17 gold instead of 10+5. I think there is a hidden %10 bonus or they forgot to add to the interface. 18:35

  4. 2:55 That's actually my only big problem with Stellaris. It's one of my favourite games, but I often have hoards of resources and nothing to spend them on in the mid-late game.

  5. the thing i want to see the most from the Age of Wonders devs is the inclusion of giant battles. We've been starved for massive battles in this series. Or at the very least, the act of setting up huge battles can be tedious, with the first titles being the obvious example, having to make 2 seperate armies and have them next to each other all the time just to get 16 units on one field.

    i've been wanting the ability to have a full turn based "total war" battle-size for a while in this title

  6. This game looks like it'll scratch that singleplayer itch for me. Been lacking in games to play as of late.

  7. About the fact that vassals can give you 50% of their income, while a conquered city would give you 100% of their income… true, but it does not mean that the 50% they keep is wasted. Assuming the game doesn't cheat, any money they keep they can spend e.g. building structures in their city, or building troops, both of which benefit you as long as they stay a loyal vassal. Sure, any half decent player can probably manage money better than their vassal, but it's not like your alliance (you and your vassals) is losing money because a vassal stays independent and pays 'only' 50% of their income, with the other half somehow disappearing.

  8. 1:06 To be clear, the Champion isn't melee combat focused, they're Diplomacy focused. Champions can be built to use any weapons, including magic wands and staves, they just have fewer casting points per turn and can't spam spells the way a Wizard King can. Likewise, a Wizard King can be built into a combat monster and be diplomatic, they just won't be as good at making peace with free cities as Champions are. The tradeoff is less in combat role and more in strategic map development.

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