Age of Wonders 4 | Evil Toad Creation and Gameplay

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Join Bas and Jordi from Triumph Studios and learn more about the faction creation process: they will create our own faction — Evil Toads as voted by the community on Discord.

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Explore new magical realms in Age of Wonders’ signature blend of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical combat. Control a faction that grows and changes as you expand your empire with each turn.

Age of Wonders 4 will be released on May 2nd. Stay tuned for more content!

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  1. Thank you all for being with us today! What did you like most during the stream?

  2. Love the way you display structures so that your party is in the foreground looking at the massive building or cave.
    Very nice touch

  3. I have watched a few playthroughs of this game recently. Seems as though everyone is going evil/dark builds. I haven't seen much of the Good/Lights side of the equation.

  4. as i understand – there is a special resource for undead (souls?) which the race can get after killing enemies?

  5. Now I finally know why putting a frog or toad in a teacher's desk is considered such an act of evil.

  6. Ugh the race and then character creator is….well I dont wanna get weird but its sexy. The level of pure awesome options just, so amazing its almost actually painful. The lightning orb option nearly killed me with how sick that is. And the gameplay itself after does not disappoint, a thunderous and tremendous start followed through to the end in quality

  7. Please keep the ability to reanimate angel men in the game… It's fantastic, it lets you take enemy heroes while keeping a little spark of uniqueness rather than just overwriting everything.

  8. With all the settings players can choose, the picking of a colour (and with it immersion) for the UI is sorely missing. Everything is a standard dark purple/green. Why not golden, or white, or red or brown?

  9. These people. It seems like Triumph make their games at day and play them at night. I absolutely adore this and age of wonders 4 is a must-have for me. Guys , thank you for my childhood with AoW 1 and helping me go through some trying times with AoW 3. Also , the multiverse was a good call, also also , the art style is a bit of an acquired taste , but still immensely good. And yeah , you might not be the most famous fantasy TBS (yet!) , but you are THE fantasy TBS period. I admire your path and waiting for this may to try this one out. And I know that it will be a blast.

  10. Another good game fell victim to "modern day standards" of "realistic graphics". No. Unlike Age of Wonders 3, which will remain perfectly playable even decades from now due to having stylized graphics, this game will become unplayable as soon as the next gen. graphics will become mainstream… Rip.

  11. When there is no relative difference between the races then … There's no DIFFERENCE between the races. Racial specific traits aren't evil there just different. This won't mean more choices because doing it this way will create a meta. An illusion of choice.

  12. Wait, so your people can somehow transform into angels? I was already interested, now I'm really interesting. I disagree with their assessment about healing. Because some factions, I'm looking at the Celestians, special abilities were all about healing and only healing. I hope this game will address that issue if they are making all combat heals temporary.

  13. How cool are the skeletons! If this is true and unique skeletons are made for each race, then this will be the best version of necromancers, as for me!

  14. To the DEVS could i give you a suggestion?!?

    If i was the dev of this game i changed a bit the battle reinforcements mechanic, i.e. by set a turn counter to the farest army in reinforce, so if you move with the classic triangle armies coherency then all right, but if your army are one hex far, just set at the beginning of the battle a timer of 3 turns until the first reinforce enter the battle, if the army is 2 hexes far, it will take 6 turn to enter battle, this will clearly applies to enemies too, so to put a bit of more strategies if you manage to eliminate the enemy army before getting reinforced, you won the battle… Just my opinion guys, in any case you are making a divine job, this game has endless potential, thanks a lot!!!

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