Aavak Streams Diplomacy is Not an Option – Part 1

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Aavak is loyally serving the King… until the peasants present a better option. Come find out what this wonderful mix of They Are Billions & Stronghold has to offer!
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Diplomacy is Not an Option playlist:
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3rd party music attribution:
Music from
By Kevin Macleod (
License: CC BY (
End screen background music – “Frost Waltz”

End screen & character art:
Jackie Musto –


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  1. Sadly I lost the first hour of the recording from the stream, so filled in the gap by downloading the raw VOD file from Twitch. This means it won't be in as high quality for the first episode and a half, but after that following episodes will continue with the normal layer of visual and audio polish 🙂 I hope you enjoy the shenanigans!

  2. Speaking from experience, you could just drop a red hot rock into kettle full of water and produce sufficient boiling water for a cuppa!

  3. I'm really enjoying how engaged you are with the gameplay, it feels more like a regular LP instead of a stream VOD. Maybe along the lines of the Gnomoria times =)

  4. I grew up with iced tea. The only tea I really drink hot is herbal tea like chamomile. Even then, cold brewed tea is becoming popular. For example, I'll take a bag (I know, awful) of chamomile tea and put it in my refillable water jug. Then I get a slightly chamomile favored drink all day.

  5. I think it is perfectly plausible that dear old dad lost his life by breaking his neck while hunting rabbits. After all, he had been doing a lot of work emptying the wine cellar, which makes it somewhat difficult to keep track of the proper count for the Holy Handgrenade.

  6. My Lord apparently our scouts can't count Once says there's many another can't confirm that The 3rd one doesn't know how many and the last 1 can count at all🤣🤣🤣🤣……. I died when I heard that

  7. 5:15: Or you could rig up a water generator with the river these deserted islands always seem to have and use the power from that to run the kettle.

  8. Hey aavak! MetKarma90923 here this is a wonderful game and is in its own genre I feel. Wonderful to see you playing it mate! Looking forward to this on the second channel! Thank you for the fun as always (=

  9. This game reminds me of what Stronghold was. It has its own flavor, but seems to be doing things ok so far. Thanks Aavak

  10. 5 minute intro of discussing what comparison is more accurate, instead of starting the game and just showing it.
    I love you Aavak so take this as positive constructive criticism, sometimes you can get carried away in a ramble rather than focus on the subject at hand 🙂
    Edit: 20:00 its now twenty minutes in, Aavak 🙂 I love long-form stream vods, watch many of them. But 20 minutes to get started is a bit on the "not paying attention to the game" side.

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