9 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch – February 2022

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Nine is a number higher than one but less than forty.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
OlliOlli World
Ocean’s Heart
EGGLIA Rebirith
Grapple Dog
Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection
Sol Cresta
Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator

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  1. Youre horrible at game reviews this is a Nintendo switch show us better games not these lame old looking games

  2. You forgot about rise of third power that also comes on the tenth! An rpg that looks has final fantasy 6 and 4 like vibe!

  3. I like assassing creed but I was kinda hoping well some shooting rpg games or something more than just classic games for Nintendo switch and I know and understand that Nintendo switch can’t well have games like cyberpunk and stuff like that but come on it needs rpg games instead of just classic games that people just plays everytime

  4. I hope we get farcry, I think a double pack of farcry 3/4 would be amazing, followed by a double pack of blood dragon and primal

  5. If you didn’t like brotherhood revelations might not be fun for you because gameplay is more-less the same. However, for me revelations is my fav. So excited for this collection

  6. It’s not here, but I’m looking forward to the release of Powersalve: Exhumed on the 10th! Another classic gem of an FPS being brought back by the awesome Nightdive Studios!

  7. I love the Splatoon soundtrack dearly but it does not fit this video. Also, February is pretty meh for releases but hopefully a killer direct should fill that void.

  8. I'm way more excited for Aztech Forgotten Gods coming out in march than most of this (Olliolli world looks appealing aesthetically) as for top down Zelda likes, Unsighted for me is doing quite nicely, mixing that with soulslike combat and metroidvania level design really well

  9. The fact the Pokémon Legends dropped on 1/28 makes me not even care that the next good switch game doesn’t release until 3/25

  10. The Holmes games have come a LONG way since the 360 days. The past couple have been very solid and worth playing.

  11. im a nintendo fanboy but honestly theres not much going on for Nintendo and february will go into elden ring…

  12. Well – I like AC Brotherhood and Revelations more AC2. So differrent opion. Honestly I will buy it for all three of the games. But when to play it? Waiting for Life is Strange (physical copy) as well as GTA Trilogy (hopefully they will make it better by the time I will get the physical cartrige). Apology for typos – quite sleepy.

  13. Wow…..February sounds like a complete wash for me, which is disappointing. I was hoping something would catch my eye in February that I'd want to get for my birthday.

  14. Who would want to go back and play side scrolling games they really are boring sure is ashame that most of the ones you showed were side scrolling is that all they have to offer? Oh yes they did have few games that might be ok. But I'll never buy a side scrolling game!

  15. Another month of games I'll be skipping 😔 I wish nintendo had more first party releases, there's only so many retro/indie games I can play before they're all blending into one game.

  16. no offense these games look boring (except for OlliOlli World) the switch has too much Zelda clones. im looking for a new experience

  17. Feels like you sure did struggle to find 9 games, haha

    Dog grapple hook one looks cool. Maybe ollieollie

    Probably just sticking with Majora’s mask

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