7 Times Game Music Was Way Better Than It Needed to Be

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Videogame composers put in countless hours of work to ensure that the music players hear while playing their games is as good as it possibly can be. But what about the videogame music that actually, most players aren’t going to hear? Surely you can ease up on those bits of music, right? Well, not these pieces of videogame music that absolutely didn’t need to be as good as they were. Enjoy, and let us know your picks on this topic in the comments.

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  1. I must say that out of taurtarus from Hades did need to be good but still dramatically excelled. I remind you that this is the music for the FIRST BOSS. Not the middle, not the end, the FIRST one.

  2. I realy like the planetarium room music in antibirth everytime i entered one i just pause the game and hear the music for some minutes 🙂👍

  3. I’m surprised Unwavering Belief from Lost Judgment isn’t here, seeing as many consider it to be an amazing track

  4. 11:10 Put your headphones on. We should acknowledge that they not only put way too much effort into this song, but it drops the beat in stereo. On a Gameboy.

  5. Most of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2's music is pretty good! The first phase theme of the final boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King though is very, very good! It's beta is actually even better!

  6. For me a lot come to mind.
    Jubilife City from DPP
    The Dragon Quest Overture
    The soundtrack to Bravely Second, Dead Cells, The World Ends With You and Pokemon Black and White(2)

  7. The Donkey Kong games all had better music than anything else on the SNES but I also loved the end of game music from Mega Man 2. I also half remember a level in Serious Sam on the Xbox that was so good, I was sad to leave the level.

  8. Songs that are barely heard you say? What about the songs from Portal 2 where you're introduced to the different gels? Especially when combined with the melodies that only briefly play while you are running over the propulsion gel or bouncing on the repulsion gel.

  9. If I would choose a soundtrack from a game I would safely say minecraft bgm is one of the best. Idk It's just hit me with nostalgic feel.
    Also Sweetheart castle bgm from Omori is a banger.

  10. Take Control by The Old Norse Gods from Control. I have never been so PUMPED during a sequence in a game, and the way that it changes slightly as you progress through the area… Chef's Kiss.

  11. 4:34 and it also had another version for a cutscene "[S] Wake" for a webcomic named "Homestuck" made by Andrew Hussie, Toby fox was making music for that webcoming along with other people

  12. For me, its the prep for battle theme, which is perfect for studying, or any of the "ablaze" versions of the tracks in fire emblem, where the quieter map track comes out in full force while fighting, especially chaos ablaze. It goes from quiet, but unnerving to loud and terror inducing but its just so good for 1 minute of battle

  13. How in the world could you miss out on Ridge Racer Type 4, FFX, Persona 5, Marvel vs Capcom 1, and Capcom vs SNK 2.

    These games have such amazing tracks that it's criminal not to include them.

  14. Sundowner boss song from mtgr.

    That bgm slaps the catch is he kinda weak that you won't know how good that song is.

  15. Can i give a shoutout to the game called "Wildermyth" for having a BEAUTIFULL soundtrack? The game lacks marketing but makes up for the hours upon hours of good gameplay AND music you will get…

  16. Literally everything from streets of rage 1. But specifically stage 6 and stage 8!
    I spent hours listening to the sound test like a cd player.
    Sonic 2, chemical plant zone and casino night zone…

  17. Nothing from FFVII (the original)? I mean, Tifas or Aeriths theme come to mind. How can you not include the great Nobuo Uematsu

  18. You can’t make another list without talking about one of the final fantasy games, their music is legendary within gaming history.
    Personally I would recommend “your not alone” it tone matches perfectly with current in game circumstances to make one of the most memorable moments in final fantasy history!

  19. A Hat in Time is a game that has so many good songs that do NOT need to bang as hard as they do. I’ll list a couple of examples:

    Your Contract Has Expired: I consider the boss themes for the first two chapters to be okay at best, so suddenly getting slapped in the face by this one was a welcome surprise. Such a good boss theme, probably the best of the base game ones. If only the boss fight wasn’t so short.

    Subcon Village remix: I genuinely didn’t think this was a part of the base game. I thought it came with a mod I had unknowingly downloaded, but no, it’s an official remix. Such a high-quality song that I highly doubt many people have heard since you don’t visit Subcon Village all that much in the base game.

    Killing Two Birds: This one. This one right here. This is my favorite boss theme, absolutely TOPPLES Your Contract Has Expired. Such an amazing song, for a fight not many people may get to experience thanks to it being a Death Wish. Absolutely worth it in the end in my opinion though, I cannot stress enough how incredible this boss theme is. It deserves to be the main boss theme for Seal the Deal (the actual Death Wish, not the DLC).

    Mustache Girl EX: Speaking of Death Wish boss themes, holy PECK. Since this one has a pretty high stamp count needed to unlock it, plus it being locked behind some of the most frustrating Death Wishes like Bird Sanctuary and Wound-up Windmill, this is another one I don’t think many, if any, casual players will get to hear. But again, I do think it might be worth all the trouble, absolutely incredible.

  20. It's a topic that is more meant for the commodore 64. I would still add that weather app below the soundtrack to c64 games like Monty on the Run.

  21. A really solid music score is from the Title screen to Fortress of Fear for the GameBoy. The music just rocks.

  22. If i had to add anything to the list is basically anything made by Tim Follin for the NES or SNES, man made such bangers for games like Silver Surfer or Pictionary, definitely the master of that chipset.

  23. Godbless Andy for putting Yakuza's Karaoke on this list, the songs are all original and they are a bop, plus the music videos are a wild ride.

  24. I would submit "Base of the Titans" from VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. It goes way harder in all it's 16-bit glory than it needed to considering it's an optional purchase in a visual novel about working in a bar in a cyberpunk dystopia.

  25. E.V.O. search for eden has an amazing soundtrack, specially in the first stage of the game, the soundtrack called The Ocean is so atmospheric.

  26. I'd be scared shitless if I were toby fox. Megalovania got way more popular than anyone was expecting and that type of popularity is…kind of scary lol. although well-deserved.

  27. Not quite sure if it fits for 'better than it needed to be' but "Shuffle Or Boogie" from FFVIII might be a solid contender here, too. Considering Triple Triad is a completely optional part of the game and all…

  28. When i played „little misfortune“ i immediately went on spotify and put it all the music on my playlist . One of them is „time travel“ which i listen to when i study and another one is „dance to this music forever“ to which i, ever so fitting, could dance to this music forever.

  29. Literally any song from Literally any touhou game. They have the best soundtrack in my opinion and they're all made by one person. The music's so popular people make fan songs, remix and remaster the songs

  30. "Concentration", from Mega Drive's Monaco GP, might as well be on that list. Most people will just zoom past it.

  31. Not sure if it belongs on this list or not, but the save room music from just about all the RE games. Maybe I just like it because I strongly associate it with the only place I felt safe in those games haha.

  32. KH3's final world, Scala ad Caelum, had a song that's an absolute slapper and lasted all of 30 seconds before the fights.

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