7 Days to Die Alpha 20 Phantom Blocks Bug

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Today, we discuss a long-standing bug in 7 Days to Die: the Phantom Blocks Bug. This bug has been around for several alphas and was thought to have been tackled in alpha 19.5. However, it is still present in Alpha 20. We will discuss what this bug is, when it shows up, what potentially causes it, and some temporary fixes.

7 Days to Die Alpha 20 Phantom Blocks Bug

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  1. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, This is probably a bug with the Dynamic Mesh system TFP has added in, and since this ranges back several alphas, it's probably also a LOD (Level of Detail) Problem, What I think is happening here and especially on Random gen worlds (where i see this the most) It seems that the LODs were placed incorrectly by the generation, Usually this would happen as you said, In cities, I personally hardly run into this in Navezgane, only on a few occasions where the LOD's have been placed slightly off or heavily off and it just does seem like it mostly happens in Random gen. Now I think this has something to do with new POI's being added to Navezgane every update and them replacing older POIs, as such, you see a shadow of what used to be there, since the LOD's and Dynamic Meshes are stored in memory until they're ready to be culled in.

  2. maybe the phantom block thing is something to do with the new way the game lets you see stuff at a distance like your base… changes youve made to the world.. for example my base appears from really far away as what it was like certain time ago when it was saved by the game.. sometimes it looks less than ive done already so when i get closer and actually see the real base it has more stuff than the far away view.. also.. as i set my game to low draw distance due to my rubbish computer.. my view actually shows the base far away then it disappears mid range then it reappears close again.

  3. ive been getting weird blocks that dont have physical structure but appear there.. can be annoing in pois when you cant see although happens mostly outside of pois.. i thought it was like when the devs are changing pois but havent yet put them properly into the new alpha or something.

  4. oh wow i havent seen this since alpha 19. didnt know it still existed. they do go away when you exit and re enter your map. just annoying

  5. Also. The stability bug, I thought I would be okay… nope! It showed it la head after I watched your video and was able to fix it! I would have had no idea if it wasn’t for your video. Good work my dude!

  6. Gtx1650 w/ I7-6700K. The granite blocks have stopped for me but I now get the phantom brick walls and building when rolling through the city fast. It takes a moment but they eventually clear on their own.

  7. It really does sound like memory dump… when you stop world, you have a CHANCE it will go away, by stopping the game itself, your chance goes UP, and by restarting your computer, it is nearly guaranteed… that speaks at memory to me, but I guess that's just one nerd's take on it. Keep rockin' out Saven!

  8. One of the weirder things I’ve found was that while building a “ scaffold “ to reach the top of a building then remove the “scaffold” when I’m further away from it the scaffolding still shows up. Then as I get close to the build they disappear.

  9. Please do more bug videos pointing bugs like this out. They need some attention from someone like you to be heard

  10. Fun Pimps dont focus on the real problems or bugs of tha game, the go with stupid updates and still the same bugs…we dont want new agriculture system or new zombis skin….focus on the known bugs!!!

  11. I have desactivate the dynamic mesh (i am note sur how we write this in english) and i have experienced this bug. Reactivate it solve the problem. (sorry for my bad english)

    I have follow this fix :
    7 Days to Die – Alpha 20 Update – FPS Guide – Steam Lists

    It work really good to fix lags, but i have the problem from Phantom block's. So i have reactived it and set the mesh distance to 500.

  12. Yeah happened to me in one of the T2 POIs when playing with another person. Walked into the POI and the building completely changed and like you shown i was walking through walls lol.

    Must be a memory leak because I closed off 7DTD completely and reloaded back in and worked fine.

    The other bug is falling through the floor and ending up in a cave lol

  13. I have encountered entire phantom buildings out in the countryside in A20. They are identical to a POI that I can see nearby. The phantom duplicate is usually floating above the ground, and when I approach it within a certain distance it disappears. The phantoms are always in the same place when I return to the area later.

  14. Have you tried breaking the blocks that you think the imposter block is being rendered from? It'd be interesting to see if the Phantom blocks render with a broken section when you break it down thanks to the new imposter system. Would definitely be a much more clear idea of what's causing the problem

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