10 Gaming April Fools Jokes That Were RIDICULOUS [Part 2]

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April Fools in the gaming world is always filled with tons of pranks, promotional spoofs, and other odd moments. Here are some of our favorite recent joke examples.
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  1. I can't believe that you over looked gameinformers article about nude raider the problem was the magazine came out in March so people didn't know it was a April fools joke . I asked a game stop employee I can't remember what the store was called back then but alot of people tried to pre-order it

  2. I used to love for honor and its events, said to see the lazy design ubisoft have been putting in the recent couple of years such as warmonger being just warden V.2 with extremley similar attack/combo set but different feats.(such as wardens shoulder bash and warmongers swipe just being the shame as the shoulder bash.) And how now everyone is just a dodge into heavy attack spamming ape with some even able to feign such attacks…. 😩🤦‍♂️

    All thanks to the CCU (core combat update) I prefered the turtle meta they just needed to implement more neutral bash on characters so stop people from over turtling…. but no.

    And lawbro (lawbringer)….. oh lawbro…. need I say any more.

  3. That one of For Honor was so fckn funny. I worked so hard to make my Jormungandr look like a dark souls boss and went to sleep, next day im gonna play and he's 1 foot tall and his voice sounded like a squirrel. I was mad at first but then i couldn't stop laughing the character's voices sounded so goofy and everyone was a miniature, that was so fckn funny

  4. I actually give props to #6's developers for straight-up coming out and admitting that it was, sadly, not meant to be, and not string us along thinking it was going to happen.

    Maybe one day Disney will get its head out of its ass and let them do the game. We can hope.

  5. When Bethesda was releasing the last dlc for fallout 4 they said they were going to release lonesome Rhode where you would have to build a car to get there or you will be walking for a very long time and release the HD pack for Fallout 4 that was their April fools joke
    Rhode Island DLC (Lonesome Rhode) – Fallout 4 – GameFAQs

    it was a spoof for april fools day in 2016

  6. I had to pause the video to go see the omega one. 🤣
    Thats going in my "best of YouTube", folder! ✌️

  7. Just a point, Former soviet contries are usually considered distinct from Europe and so Cosmonautics Day isn´t celebrated anywhere except in countries that were under the Soviet influence.

  8. Ok that Corsair one made me laugh out loud. Hilarious. "Brightest minds of Reddit" hahahahahaha.

  9. If I had rgb hair I would set it to slowly change through all the colors thoughout the course of a day. Just so that people will spend an hour with me and then suddenly go "wait wasn't your hair blue?"

  10. My favorite was when Apex Legends took their weakest weapon and made it the most OP weapon in the game. The Mozambique was so weak that it was a long-time meme in the community. In fact, there was even an in-game animation that when you swapped it for a better weapon, your character would literally throw it on the ground. So seeing this become the absolute Uber-power weapon for a day was hilarious. People getting completely destroyed by the “weak” weapon was brilliant.

  11. Remember back in the day when you could do april's fools jokes without risking mass hysteria or new cults popping up?

    2015-2016 really changed the world as a whole.

  12. Wait, you did not talk about the enlisted april fools? THEY legit made ww2 (Or is it ww1?) in space! And it was fantastic!

  13. If you guys do a Part 3 you should include the Commando Class April Fools Joke from Guild Wars 2. There's even an official entry for it on their wiki.

  14. Did you do the one where warzone made people fall and couldn’t pull out their parachute and everyone thought they were falling to their deaths, but was invincible for a couple seconds when they landed so they didn’t die…

  15. The best part of the Omega commercial was when she was making chicken tenders, and Omega played the "chicken tenderrrrs are gonna fry" song

  16. DBZ Dokkan Battle is the king of April Fool's events. They advertise an entire new mode every year the last week of March. First year was brand new featured Yamcha unit that actually released but awakened into his dead body from the Saiyan saga. Then a saibaman themed tamogatchi thing. Then a dating sim featuring the women of dragon ball. Then a retro mode where everything was in pixel art. Then a racing mode which actually looked great. Then a first person shooter zombie game where gohan has to save the world. And this year we got an exercise thing that seemed like a very basic "Let's Dance" game set to Cha-la head Cha-la.

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