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  1. Btw follow me on insta or twitter and you’ll see some pics as I explore a nuclear power plant for the film. It’s a good time.

    Can’t sleep on the roof unfortunately. Off limits they say. Would be a s h a m e-

  2. Sometimes i want to play the game but doesn't have mood to play so instead i came here to rewatch drew. About after 30 min i'm like oh crap i need play.😁

  3. Do you have a list of all the mods you add? Like I know you have the GAMMA mods but what are your other ones? It looks awesome.

  4. Thank you long videos. I dont think stalker gameplay does well with to many jump cuts, i never played it so i dont know the map that well

  5. Man, the Fallout 4 Lost World is basically Stalker in fallout engine, and they have a full on Zone map there too, on top of the original Fallout 4 map. If you really want a similar experience in Fallout, this is it. It even has its own blowouts and small stuff like gas mask filter management and whatnot that takes survival simulation one step further.

  6. Just wanted say how gratefull i am Drewski ! I discovered this game with your content (like thousands and thousands of player it seems 😅) I went straight up to gamma but after couple of hours i was really felling that i was missing a lot, so i've stopped my 1st run in the zone and purchased the original trilogy, and started with SoC (with the XpressTuning's Remaster modpack to just have visual improvement while staying pretty close to the vanilla gameplay) a few days ago. So now, thanks to you, i have been from "almost no singleplayer game interest me anymore, industry go s*** !" to having 4 really dense games to enjoy (trilogy + gamma).
    PS : sorry for my "not so good" english, i'm french 😅

  7. When I see you after a fight with some mutants and the area is clear instant reloading and walking on instead of INSTANTLY applying bandages my inside stalker screeches in anger for some reason 😆

  8. I actually have this game installed but I didn't know if I actually wanted to fire it up lmao after watching this I'll give it a try

  9. Now imagine training for war like i did 30 years ago in portugueses Spec army forces in that dark nights with no moon on the winter and raining, we canto see shit smell or ear anything , and no night vision also 😁🤣😁 it is not easy, not easy at all ,but it is army 🤣 , and like we use to say back then – easy day was yesterday (when did not Rain) 🤣😁🤣😁
    The trick was memorize landscape when Simone shoot, and use your flúor compass to bearing from 20 to 20 steps maximum 🤣 and other i cant say even today 😔😁🤣😔

  10. Damn super hyped for Shadow of the zone, as a stalker cosplayer myself I would kill to be an extra in that

  11. All the Wabbajack mods, Frost…. Fallout 4 has all the overhaul mods you mentioned, but the spawning is still per "cell".

    However, like this, every gunshot you hear in FO4 is an NPC actually firing the gunshot. So there's that. But no, they don't have actual lives kind of like STALKER has, sadly.

  12. you really need to install "mag redux" and "mags buyable at shops" it's so much fun having all your little mags packed with different ammo like tarkov

  13. i know you most likely wont see this, but if you do can you please make a video on your settings for gamma mainly Graphics and Reshade options. i cant make my game look near as good but im not good at knowing what settings mean or do lol

  14. Wakey wakey, dude just woke up to realize and find out there Is a game called Stalker. The heck were you in 2010, 2015, 2008 …. Dude just get back to your insurgency, squad, arma cause you look like a poser here

  15. i once walked in the woods in the night we wanted to go to this place to smoke weed (i live in the netherlands so its ok) and the more we walked into the woods the less we were able to see because it had streetlights on the outside and after a while i could only see my feet because i had white shoes and it was so weird it looked like i was walking on nothing cuz i couldnt see the ground only my feet weirdest thing i ever experienced maybe it was because i was already a bit high but yeh.

  16. For anyone wondering, to remove the DOF when healing/reloading/eating. You gotta go in Mod Configs in the Pause menu, then go all the way down to something called SSS (if I remember correctly). And then you have the option to remove that DOF there, its not the main DOF of the game itself. You're welcome

  17. I would absolutely watch this for four hours. Especially on those days where I have a crap tone of down time. I love your play style and it's helped me refine my own.

  18. about the fallout 4 question, there is mods to make it similar to stalker. Gas masks of the wasteland is pretty good start, then download your various AKM, ak-74 mods, other realistic weapon mods. Then nuclear weather mods as well. You still dont get the same AI effect stalker has, but you can deff make fallout 4 more metro/stalker realistic with the right mods

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