🕹️ Breakout: Recharged on Atari VCS Gameplay and Thoughts! 🕹️

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Breakout has been remade a lot, and in a whole lot of different forms, but there is something about this one that does a great job of merging modern with retro: I keep saying that it’s more important that a remake plays like you REMEMBER it vs what it really played like, and this does a solid job on that front. The heat seeking missiles don’t hurt either….

Special Music for This Episode:
Retro by Wayne Jones
Gaiety in the Golden Age by Aaron Kenny

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  1. Not a fan of the Recharged series' graphics. Looks like someone drew them with a pencil on graph paper. Much prefer something like Centipede Chaos and Space Invaders Raw Thrills. That being said, love the music and game play.

  2. I wonder how it'd be like to play this on pc using the mouse wheel to control the paddle. Look pretty cool.

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  4. Also, have you tried holding the classic controller sideways like an RC car controller? I find it way easier to play that way. Not quite 90 degrees sideways. More like 70 degrees.

  5. Another good looking recharge game will definitely be picking this one maybe even double dip if I like it a bunch.

  6. Have you managed to beat the challenge called 'The Juggler'? I was hammering my way through the awesome challenges and then got shut right down by The Juggler. It seems impossible. If you've completed it, please for the love of God, post a video of your approach. Gotta score 1000 but the bricks drop so fast that you only have about 20 seconds to do it.

  7. Really appreciate your Atari VCS reviews RR. Breakout is a lot of fun. I enjoy this the most of the recharged games, just ahead of Asteroids. 100% agree on the classic controller. I love using it with Breakout. Thanks for your continuing Atari VCS coverage. It's my go to channel for thorough VCS coverage. 👍

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