🏹How to Start in: Diplomacy is Not an Option | Guide for endless mode building & combat | Indie RTS

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This is a basic guide on How to Start a new game in Diplomacy is Not an Option, especially in the Endless game mode on the …


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  1. Thanks for the good guide.
    This all feels like an odd mix between Stronghold, Age of Empires and They Are Billions, and it's working like a charm.

  2. Why do you…keep talking in this…very broken cadence? It's hard to listen…when you talk in short bursts…rather than…in natural flowing sentences.

  3. I love this game so much. My only problem so far is the difficulty being insane even on the standard settings. I think they be already addressed this in a recent update though. Good video and tips! 👍🏻

  4. I didn't know this game, I'll be honest, but from the way you presented it it looks pretty nice and interesting, especially for the horde mechanics, which is typical of Tower Defense. It reminds me a lot of how I play There Are Bilions, but in a more Medieval Fantasy perspective. It would not be bad to see a Run or a mini series of this new title, which I must admit is intriguing.

  5. This is different from There are Billions, nearly all resources are limited forcing you to expand early just to keep the economy flowing. Forests are not impassable meaning that attacks can come through them, you will have to rely on mountains for chokepoints.

  6. How do you get the full version of this game early? Do you need a key from devs or can you buy it somewhere early?

  7. O yeah this game is going to be so played with the some of your tips and some of my old school tactics my brother won't have a chance he won't even having the option

  8. I SO misread that video title… I thought the game was called Diplomacy and you meant a 'how to start' video is not an option. I immediately imagined every start being so different there was just no one way to explain…

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