白き鋼鉄のX(イクス)2 DLC来訪ボス『ヤン・ユモ』 紹介映像

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『白き鋼鉄のX(イクス) 2』にDLC来訪ボス『ヤン・ユモ』として『Dusk Diver 2 崑崙靈動』の主人公であるユモが参戦!

■DLC名:『Dusk Diver 2 崑崙靈動』より、DLC来訪ボス”ヤン・ユモ”

■タイトル名:白き鋼鉄のX(イクス) 2
■ハードウェア(パッケージ版):Nintendo Switch、PlayStation 4
■ハードウェア(ダウンロード版):Nintendo Switch、PlayStation 4 、PlayStation 5、Xbox One、Xbox Series X|S、Steam(PC)  
■レーティング:CERO B
■パッケージ版価格:通常版 3,980円(税込)/限定版 9,980(税込み)
■パッケージ限定版同梱物:①白き鋼鉄のX+2 完全攻略本 ②希望の歌姫“RoRo”ヴォーカルCD ③ミュージックビデオクリップDVD
■パッケージ版特典:『COGEN: 大鳥こはくと刻の剣』より、DLC来訪ボス“大鳥こはく”

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  1. I actually have Dusk Diver. I was excited to know that it's getting a sequel the same way this game is. I'm going to order the Limited Run edition for this game and Cogen.

  2. Sorry guys.
    But purposefully nerfing Copen's abilities and then lockig the original abilities behind a paywall is not the way.

  3. 2 Hours life span game for the normal ending, and unlimited dead retry for the secret ending. and paid 800yen for a 3min boss fight. Really disappointed with Inti after mighty8. Your legend stopped at Megaman Zero.

  4. 有料ブリッツってコメントあるがハードだとそもそもアビリティ付けれないのでは・・・


  5. 蠻可惜一樣都是DLC boss羽空就完全沒有對話

  6. dusk diver 2 will be featuring lola soon, such a rare occasion to see a double crossover

  7. DLC1は買ったけど

  8. this is such a bad move, i can understand the price being high considering new art and new pattern to code and such but putting copen's old playstyle behind a 8$ paywall? are you guys ok? why even bother making a whole new system if you're going to throw it in the trash like a month later, even if people don't like the razor wheel this is just throwing salt in the wound in my opinion

  9. 建議聽得懂中文的玩家們,一定要打開語音,會聽到[陽雨默]的配音員,用中文喊招式名稱,
    這是TV GAME史上,第一次在日本遊戲發行商的作品裡,聽到台語配音的動作招式。

  10. 有料ブリッツなんかよりもブレイクシフトとトゥルー人質にとったハードモードどうにかしてくれないっすかねえ

  11. DLC fight against Suguri please. I wanna feel the wrath of her solar system. She is one of the character that is a true match for Copen's aerial dash

  12. で、これもハードモードがあるんでしょ?あたり前なことだけどどれだけ難しいのだろうか

  13. ストリートファイターのキャミィみたいなキャラクターだね。オンラインで遊んでる皆さん討滅してね。

  14. I had so many high hopes for this game seeing as we were finally getting Eng dub for Gunvolt-verse. But the way things turning out? Shit.

  15. Nice collab' hope we get more cool boss battles like this.
    The shovel knight one was really nice.
    Hope we get a Gunvolt and Copen Amiibo soon !

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